Apply for a Mobile Business License

Do you want to sell food, merchandise or services from a mobile business in the City of Orlando?

You'll need a business tax receipt to operate within city limits.


Step 1.Determine Your Type of Business

Mobile businesses fall into three categories:

  • Mobile food vendors: Food trucks, food carts, lunch trucks
  • Mobile retail vendors: Includes the sale of all non-food merchandise. Mobile retail vendors typically sell their goods with a table and a tent at events such as maker's markets or other city-approved events. Examples include: rugs, flowers, seasonal baskets, etc. for sale outside an enclosed building. This also includes vendors selling non-food products at farmers' or flea markets.
  • Mobile services: Some mobile businesses provide services instead of selling food or merchandise. These businesses include all service uses without a “brick and mortar” central office. These services are typically operated from a small home office and the services are conducted at various locations, usually at the customer or client’s home, but not at the operator’s residence.  

    Step 2.Apply for your Business Tax Receipt

    Our online business permitting guide will tell you if you can operate your business at that location. If you need help with the application, click the "Contact city staff" link found at the bottom of each page.

    Complete the Application

    Step 3.We'll review your request

    Our staff will send an email confirmation to you when we receive your application. Within seven days, we will send you a billing summary with instructions on how to pay your fees.