Apply for a Fence Permit

Are you fixing or putting up a new fence on your property?

The city makes it easy for you to put up or replace a fence.


Step 1.Plan your project

All fences must follow City Code, even when a permit is not required. Fences that do not comply with the rules may incur code enforcement penalties.  

Review the Fence Permit Guide and Fence Regulations Diagram.

Step 2.Determine if you need a permit

A permit is required if your fence will be:

  • On a commercial property, or residential property with three or more dwelling units. 
  • Taller than six feet.  
  • Concrete, masonry or block, including posts or include any reinforcement (concrete/rebar). 
  • Used as a required pool/spa barrier. 
  • On or near any public easement as depicted on a property survey. 
  • Includes vehicular gates or powered (electric, solar, etc) gates.
  • Part of a demolition permit or the demolition of a structure on the property. 
  • Part of FBC Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction – Florida Building Code
  • In a floodplain or a floodway (Check if your property is located in one of these areas.)

Step 3.Apply for a permit

If you need a permit for your project, fill out the appropriate application below. Allow two business days for processing.

Apply for a Commercial Fence Permit

After the application is processed, the digital applicant noted on the application will receive an email notification from eplan with the permit number and invite to upload plans. 

Step 4.Review your next steps 

Follow this link to complete your fence project. (Start on Step 2).

Your fence project is complete after receiving your approved final inspection.