Fence Guide

Things to consider before starting your project

All fences must comply with City Code, even if a permit is not required. 

What type of fence can I build?

In residential districts:* 

  • Height:
    • Maximum 4 ft. in front yards and 6 ft. in side, street-side, and rear yards. (Maximum 4 ft. in street-side yards when that yard abuts your neighbor’s front yard; see Fence Regulations Diagram). 
    • Maximum 8 ft. side and rear fence if abutting a commercial or industrial property. 
  • Location:
    • Must be on or inside your property line. Exceptions: 
      • Must not be in corner and driveway sight visibility triangles. (See Fence Regulations Diagram).
      • Gates across driveways must be set back at least 20 ft. from the property line. 

* Contact Planning at cityplanning@orlando.gov if your property is zoned Planned Development (PD) as these areas may have specific rules regarding height, material, location and style. 

The finished side of a wood fence should face outward.  

Do I need a permit?

A fence permit is NOT required if ALL of the items below apply to your fence project BUT must follow city code: 

  • Fence is located on a one or two-family residential property.
  • Fence is six feet or less in height. (All heights shall be measured from the established normal building site grade.)
  • Fence materials are one of the following: wood, plastic/vinyl, chain-link, aluminum, wrought-iron, plant-material.
  • Fence complies with Orlando Code Chapter 58 Part 5B(5).

A fence permit IS required if ANY of the items below apply to your fence project:

  • Fence is located on a commercial property, including three-unit or more residential properties.
  • Fence is more than six feet in height. (All heights shall be measured from the established normal building site grade.)
  • Fence materials are one of the following: concrete, masonry or block, including posts or include any reinforcement (concrete/rebar).
  • Fence is utilized as a required pool/spa barrier.
  • Fence is located on or near any or all public easements as depicted on a property survey.
  • Fence includes vehicular gates or powered (electric, solar, etc) gates.
  • Fence is associated with a demolition permit or the demolition of a structure on the property.
  • Fence is required as part of Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction – Florida Building Code.
  • Fence is located in a floodplain or a floodway (Check if your property is located in one of these areas.)

What plans do I need to submit for my permit?

For walls, you will need electronically signed construction drawings.

For fences, you will need a site plan, which can be drawn on top of a copy of your survey. A survey should already have the following requirements:

  • Legal description
  • Existing property lines with property dimensions
  • Location of easements, their purpose (i.e. utility or drainage easements) and dimensions
  • Location of streets that are adjacent to the property
  • Locations and dimensions of all buildings and structures on the site, including the air conditioner compressor units
  • Distance (setbacks) of all buildings or structures from property lines and distance between buildings or structures on the same site
  • Location and dimensions for driveways, patios and decks

You’ll need to add the proposed location and height of the fence or wall.

If you plan to remove any trees, you will need to obtain a tree permit

How do I apply for a permit?

Follow our steps to apply for your fence permit.

Get a Fence Permit