Luminary Green Memorials

Shining a Light on Parramore Community “Luminaries”



Luminary Green celebrates and shines a light on community Luminaries, those who have preceded us but who lived lives exemplified with service to the Parramore Community.

The Luminaries at Luminary Green will be permanently honored using ground-mounted light fixtures that will shine to honor their legacy.

In 2022, the city named the inaugural class of 12 Luminaries. A total of 26 Luminaries can be honored in the park, which will be added over time. 

On March 28, 2022, the Luminary Selection Panel convened at a public, in-person meeting to consider the nominations and voted unanimously to advance the 12 highest-scoring nominees as the slate for the inaugural class of Luminaries, which includes the following individuals:


A Luminary is an individual who is honored posthumously (after death) and during their lifetime, made outstanding contributions to the Parramore-Holden community in one or more of the following categories:

  • Public safety and crime reduction
  • Quality housing
  • Entrepreneurship, business and job opportunities
  • Care and education for children and families
  • Community health or medical leadership
  • Faith-based leadership
  • Sports
  • Civil rights

A Luminary should not already have a significant memorial or monument in their honor.  

In late January, 2022, the city launched a process to receive nominations for community Luminaries. The city received 39 eligible nominations prior to the nomination period ending on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Mayor Dyer appointed a Luminary Selection Panel, comprised of a diverse group of Parramore-Holden community leaders, stakeholders and advocates to review the nominations and assist in the selection process. The Luminary Selection Panel was comprised of the following nine representatives:

  • Chair: Walter Hawkins, Director of Urban Development, City of Orlando
  • Representative Geraldine Thompson, Florida House of Representatives
  • Byron Brooks, County Administrator, Orange County Government
  • Dr. Clara Walters, Jones High School Principal 1981-1990
  • Ann Brown, President, Callahan Neighborhood Association
  • Pamela Woodley, former resident/retired
  • Kay Rawlins, President, Orlando City Foundation
  • Reverend Dr. Robert M. Spooney, Pastor, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Institutional Church
  • Lauredan Official, Jr., former Parramore Kidz Zone (PKZ) Student

The Luminary Selection Panel independently reviewed and scored all nominations received based on a 25-point scoring matrix with points for the nominee’s involvement, commitment to and verified contributions to the Parramore Community.

To ensure an open and transparent process, the Luminary Selection Panel met to review and consider nominations at a public meeting on Monday, March 28, 2022 at 6 p.m. 

The Luminary Selection Process and Luminary light features was approved using the city’s existing Memorials and Monuments Policy (Section 211.4) which is ultimately considered by City Council.

Construction on Luminary Green was complete in summer 2022 and the park opened August 30, 2022.

The city hopes to add additional Luminaries over time, opening a similar nomination period every four years, until a total of 26 Luminaries are honored in the park.

  • March 4, 2022 – Nomination Period closed
  • March 2022 – Luminary Selection Panel reviewed nominations
  • Monday, March 28, 2022 at 6 p.m. (location - UCF Downtown Campus, Dr. Phillips Academic Commons, Parramore Room, 528 West Livingston Street) – Luminary Selection Panel met to recommend the inaugural class of Luminaries
  • August 30, 2022 – Luminary Green construction completion/grand opening
  • January 2023 – Luminary features fabricated and installed at Luminary Green
  • February 2023 – Community celebration to honor the Luminaries at Luminary Green