Eddie T. Jackson


Eddie Thomas (later Eddie T. Jackson) graduated from Johnson Academy (now Jones High School) in 1918 and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Morris Brown College in Atlanta. She returned to Central Florida in 1924 and began teaching in Winter Park. That same year, the Booker T. Washington branch of the Albertson Library opened on South Terry Street for Orlando’s Black residents. Eddie Jackson (then Eddie Thomas Cromartie) became the first Black librarian in Orlando when she was designated as the assistant librarian in charge of the Booker T. Washington branch, managing the branch after school and on weekends. After 22 years of dedicated service, Jackson retired from her post as head librarian in 1946 and continued to work as a teacher until her retirement in 1958.

Mrs. Jackson introduced so many children in the Parramore neighborhood to reading and academics, one of her former students stated "I was jumped into books and never jumped out. She is responsible for creating the zest for reading, " according to Dr. Alzo J. Reddick.

Mrs. Jackson attended Harlem Academy, Morris Brown College and was the librarian at the Booker T. Washington Branch in Orlando Florida. She was very active in her community and certainly guided a multitude of African American students to success.

Mrs. Jackson’s husband was honored for his work as Supervisor of Recreation for the city of Orlando when the Carter Street Center was renamed the John H. Jackson Neighborhood Center.   The Jackson's are the first couple honored separately for their work to improve the city.