Apply for Neighborhood Leadership Training and Funding (iLead Series)

Are you interested in leadership training to become a better neighborhood board member?

The city awards $250 to neighborhood associations for a board member who completes the 6-week leadership training. Learn how to be an effective leader, share best practices, and walk away with the knowledge and confidence to run your association. Other benefits include:
  • Sharing best practices with other neighborhood organizations.
  • Learning how the city can help your neighborhood.
  • Learning about personal leadership, communication, effective meetings and team building. 


Step 1.Check your eligibility

To qualify for this training:

  • You must be a board member of your neighborhood organization.
  • Have an association bank account or have one by the end of the six week course.
  • Able to attend all six weeks of training.

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Step 3.We will be in touch

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