Start a Neighborhood Watch Group

Do you want to get your neighbors involved in preventing crime?

The Orlando Police Department trains communities to identify and report suspicious activities. City of Orlando residents can start a Neighborhood Watch Group for their street, block, neighborhood, apartment complex or condominium community.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

  • Your community is located within the City of Orlando.
  • At least 40% of your community will participate in the Neighborhood Watch.
  • Your community can meet at least twice a year with OPD for training.
  • Your community can recruit a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain to be the main point of contact with OPD.

Step 2.Gather your information

Locate a time and place for your first meeting and training session. Please have a backup date ready, in case there is a scheduling conflict.

Step 3.Submit your application

We'll ask you a few questions to get started, including if you need flyers for your community.

Apply to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group

Step 4.We will contact you to setup your first training session

OPD will follow up with you to setup a training session for your group, as well as guide you towards your next steps.

Step 5.Invite your entire community to attend the first training session

Distribute flyers with the date and location of the training session to every household in your community.

Be sure to include people who may be creating problems. This will let them know that neighbors are working with law enforcement to reduce crime in the neighborhood,

Step 6.Host your training session

OPD will send a Neighborhood Watch Specialist and Community Liaison Officer to train your community on how to report suspicious activity and answer any questions. We will supply all the materials needed for your Neighborhood Watch Group.

Step 7.Elect a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain

The Neighborhood Watch Block Captain is someone from your community who acts as the liaison between your members and the Orlando Police Department. This person will schedule future training sessions with OPD.