National Night Out Planning Week


Planning Week: July 8 - July 14, 2019   

This is the time to organize your planning committee and delegate responsibilities for your National Night Out block party.

Planning early prevents last minute rush jobs and increases community involvement. Use the information presented as a guide for your planning process.

Introduce the Event

Begin to generate interest amongst your neighbors, your organization and your community to assist in the planning efforts.

This campaign will be a team effort within the community and will take more than just one person to have a successful National Night Out this year.

Build a Team

Establish a committee of volunteers who expressed interest in the idea of coordinating a National Night Out.

Use a volunteer Sign-up sheet to gather contact information.

Delegate Responsibility

Get in touch with your team of volunteers and schedule a meeting. Determine who is responsible for what.

Schedule a NNO Planning Meeting with your team. At your meeting be sure to discuss:

  • Food and entertainment
  • Activities for the kids
  • Time and location of your event
  • Fundraising and contributions from local businesses
  • Advertising and communication with the media
  • Vendors and involvement from local nonprofit organizations, businesses and special guests

Get Started

  • Begin to work on your delegated responsibility.
  • Communicate with your volunteers throughout the process.
  • Plan regular meetings leading up to National Night Out and discuss your progress.

Promote Your Event

If they don't know, they won't come. Spread the word to your community.

You'll want to develop a relationship with the media early to understand the process and how they'll be able to assist with your campaign. Also be sure to:

  • Create and share your event on social media
  • Communicate through an established mailing list
  • Collaborate with other groups, organizations, club, commissioners and politicians (elected only)

Prize Drawing

Earn one (1) entry into the grand-prize drawing when you submit photos of your planning week activities.

Submissions must be emailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 913, Orlando, FL 32802 by August 14, 2019.