Request a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report

Do you need information about a wastewater incident?

The Water Reclamation Department maintains records of all sanitary sewer overflows in the city. If the spill occurred outside the City of Orlando, you will need to contact the city or county where it happened.


Step 1.Know what's in the report

  • Name and phone number of person who reported the spill.
  • Date and time of the discharge and status of discharge (ongoing or ceased).
  • Characteristics of the wastewater spilled or released (untreated or treated, industrial or domestic wastewater).
  • Estimated amount of the discharge.
  • Location or address of the discharge.
  • Source and cause of the discharge.
  • Whether the discharge was contained on-site, and any cleanup actions taken to date.
  • Description of area affected by the discharge, including name of water body affected, if any.

Step 2.Make your request

Provide a valid email address when submitting your request.

Submit Your Request

Step 3.We'll review your request

After submitting a request, expect the following within two business days: 

  • A confirmation email.
  • A notice of any fees to produce the report.

Step 4.Receive your report

We will email your report to you when it is available.