Stop the Poo-llution

Dogs playing in a field.

Love the Dog. Hate the Poo.

Pick up after your pooch! Un-scooped pet waste is a source of water pollution and is a public health concern. City of Orlando code requires you to pick up after your pet. Violation of Orange County Ordinance Sec. 5-50 includes a fine for un-scooped pet waste.

Take a bag with you on walks to pick up after your pet. Scoop the poo in a repurposed or biodegradable bag and throw it in the trash. If you’re connected to the city sewer system, you can also flush un-bagged poo down the toilet.


Get the Scoop on Un-scooped Poop:

How does un-scooped poop harm our environment?

Un-scooped poop washes into storm drains, which drain directly to local lakes and water bodies. This is harmful to human health, wildlife and the environment. Pet waste adds extra nutrients to the lake which can lead to algae blooms and fish kills. The bacteria from un-scooped dog poop can even end up in our aquifer, which is where our drinking water comes from! Dog waste left on the ground can also spread diseases to other dogs and to humans.

If your neighbor's dog is pooping in your yard

There are many ways to discourage dogs from doing their business on your property:

  1. Apply dog-repelling scents like vinegar or a commercial dog-repellent spray.
  2. Install motion-activated sprinklers.
  3. Put up a “No Poo Here!” sign where you often see the poo.

If the problem is severe and you know the offender, you can report them to Orange County Animal Services by calling 407.836.3111 or visiting Report a Pet Issue. You can also file a complaint with your HOA or neighborhood association. 


If you live in an apartment complex or other multi-family space where there is a pet waste issue

If you are having a pet waste problem at your apartment complex, speak with your property manager. Inquire about setting up more pet waste stations or implementing a fine for un-scooped poop. Some complexes may even implement DNA collection programs to match a poo sample to the dog and owner.

Other ways to reduce lake pollution

Baths and Washing – When possible, bathe your pet indoors or visit a professional groomer. Otherwise, wash your pet on the lawn or a permeable surface. Even biodegradable products can cause water pollution. Never let pet products or wash water run off into the street, gutter or storm drain.

Flea Control – Consider using oral or topical flea control products. Dispose of any unused products, like shampoos, sprays or collars at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.



To report animals defecating on private property within Orange County, visit Report a Pet Issue.