Orlando Connect

Orlando Connect is a collaboration between the City of Orlando and our residents and business owners that builds on our community policing efforts and aims to integrate city-owned cameras and privately-owned cameras from voluntary participants together to transform the way police officers can respond to, solve, and deter crime.

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Residents and business owners have two options for participating in Orlando Connect:

  • register the location of their cameras  
  • integrate their camera feed(s)

To register a device free of charge, residents or business owners provide their contact information and the location of their cameras. If a public safety incident occurs near a registered location, the Orlando Police Department (OPD) will notify the owner of those cameras to help resolve the incident. OPD will not have access to view the camera feeds at that location. Registering your camera(s) with OPD allows for quicker access to potential evidence, which could ultimately lead to the ability to solve crimes faster.

For a fee, residents and business owners may also choose to integrate their camera feeds into Orlando Connect. This integrated feature requires the purchase or utilization of specific equipment that allows a business owner or resident to share their live video feed(s) directly from their cameras to OPD.

Orlando Connect integrates these private video feeds, together with the city’s network of cameras, into one unified system at the Orlando Police Department’s Crime Center and can be accessed live by officers on their cellphones and laptops. This immediate access assists officers in responding to public safety situations before they even arrive on scene, increasing safety, efficiency and effectiveness for officers and the community. 

Orlando Connect has strict guidelines that are in accordance with current and applicable law, to uphold all privacy laws and ensure there are no violations of any individual’s civil rights. For example, the program will only accept video feeds from private cameras that are located where the public has access to be and there is no expectation of privacy related to that space. 

Additionally, the department has developed a robust policy to govern the program and ensure the cameras are only accessed during public safety incidents and that no private video feeds are recorded.

Read the policy(PDF, 115KB)

For businesses located in the Downtown CRA there is also a grant program, Safety Awareness for Everyone (S.A.F.E.), that can assist with the purchase of security cameras (as well as identification scanners and metal detectors) to help further participation in the Orlando Connect program and enhance safety in the downtown core.