Enroll in Orlando Connect, Camera-Sharing Program

Would you like to participate in a community program to improve public safety?

You can help further our community policing efforts by registering and/or integrating your privately-owned camera(s) together with the city's network of cameras to help transform the way police officers can respond to, solve and deter crime.

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Step 1.Check your eligibility

Cameras must be:

  • Registered to your business or community
  • Placed in locations where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy

Step 2.Register your cameras

You must first register your security cameras with the Orlando Police Department.

Camera registration is free and takes less than a minute to complete via our secure online portal.

Fill Out the Form

Step 3.Integrate your cameras

To integrate your cameras, they must be compatible with the fususCORE system. You will need to purchase a small device that plugs into your camera system.

You do not need to purchase a system for all of your security cameras, just the ones you wish to enroll in this program. 

Purchase the Device

Step 4.Use your cameras as normal

The fususCore module will not impact your network performance.

You can withdraw from this program at any time.