Make Your Events Green

Woman with pumpkin to throw away in compost binWhy this is important

The City of Orlando has set goals of becoming a zero-waste community by 2040 and powered by 100% renewable energy by 2050. Public events are a great way to stimulate the local economy as well as bring the community together to share ideas and services.

But while events are important, they also contribute to negative environmental impacts, such as generate large amounts of avoidable waste that piles up in our landfill, demand consumption of non-renewable sources of energy, deliver water needs through unsustainable methods and create traffic congestion challenges. Meeting the city’s ambitious sustainability goals depends on your participation.   

What we want to accomplish

In order to protect quality of life and support the local economy in The City Beautiful, we have produced a downloadable Green Works for Events guide and accompanying resources. This comprehensive guide will help event planners of small to large events reduce their demand on resources and unintentional sources of pollution in the areas of waste, water, transportation, livability, clean energy and local food.

Greening events also prevents costs to the city such as pollution clean up of non-biodegradable, single-use products and grease that clog stormwater systems, or costs from damage to recycling and food waste infrastructure due to contamination from trash items. We believe events can be ever more meaningful and memorable when being mindful of our local economy and ecology.