The Garden

The Garden is a youth environmental education initiative that strives to get students outdoors and develop connections with nature through the act of urban farming in which students are supported and empowered to live healthier lifestyles by increasing food access in their community and engaging in topics such as nutrition, sustainable practices and climate-readiness.   

  • Students have a unique experience through urban farming to develop a connection with their food while exploring their natural environment. Students plant and maintain their urban farm and decide how to distribute the food grown on-site to our low-income, food desert areas across Orlando.
  • In our 2019-2020 school year, The Garden program served 115 students. After completing the program, students were 20% more likely to try new fruits and vegetables and talk with their peers about environmental issues.
  • Students who participated in the program showed a 10% increase in environmentally friendly behaviors and were more aware of how their actions impact the natural environment.
  • Students are encouraged through this program to get outside and enjoy the outdoors through physical exercise and gardening.
  • Green Works Orlando strives to make our community one of the most environmentally friendly, vibrant cities in our nation and we believe through education, we can create a greener, healthier tomorrow.  

Help make a difference by supporting youth education and transforming part of a neighborhood’s landscape. Volunteers can help by becoming a garden caregiver, gardening guide or a guest lecturer.

For more information how you can become involved, please contact Maeven Rogers, Sustainability Project Coordinator, by email at