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The Garden Program is dedicated to creating a connection between students and the environment. Our goal is to empower K-12th grade students in Orlando to gain a deeper connection to nature through hands-on lessons and activities that leave them inspired and excited about urban gardening and sustainability. 

In our afterschool and summer programs, students discover how their food is grown by planting and harvesting fresh produce on-site while simultaneously exploring the natural environment around them. From vermicomposting and recycling to understanding the essential role of pollinators, reusing food scraps and exploring hydroponic farming, students will learn a variety of sustainable topics.

Green Works Orlando strives to make our community one of the most environmentally friendly and vibrant cities in the nation. We believe that education is the key to creating a greener, healthier tomorrow.

Join us at The Garden Program by volunteering to help make a difference by supporting youth education and curating beautiful landscapes to inspire the community. Volunteers can get involved by helping us care for our gardens, taking part in our education sessions, or volunteering their time to teach a lesson.

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