2022 Main Street Annual Reports

1. Overview

Main Streets are our ten unique neighborhood commercial corridors scattered throughout our city that drive our region’s economy by providing jobs, goods and services for our residents. Each of our Main Streets has a distinctive identity, is home to a variety of locally-owned businesses and are where residents go to find uncommon and handmade goods, take in culture and nightlife and to experience creative cuisines.

Since 2008, public and private investment in the city’s Main Streets has surpassed $1.51 billion. Two of our Main Streets are anchored by Florida Hospital and Orlando Health which accounted for more than $804 million of that investment. Our Main Streets have garnered national attention with features in the Boston GlobeNew York TimesSan Francisco ChronicleNew Yorker, Thrillist and Wine Enthusiast.

2022 Totals for all Orlando Main Streets Districts

  • Total Improvements: 482
  • Amount Invested: $567,133,840
  • Businesses Opened: 286
  • Jobs Created: 1,409
  • Volunteer Hours: 11,488
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $317,987.84
  • Private Dollars Invested: $913,484

2. Audubon Park Garden District - 2022 Annual Report

About Audubon Park Garden District

Hip, diverse and independent are the norms of the Audubon Park Garden District. Known for its vintage shops, cafes, bakeries, music, books, craft beer, boutiques, urban farmlettes, plus superlative professional services, the APGD is a fiercely independent shopping and dining district on Corrine Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Developed in the 1950 and ’60s, for decades the area catered to nearby Orlando Air Force Base and then later the Naval Training Center Orlando. Since then, the Audubon Park Garden District has blossomed into a thriving community of unique businesses and seemingly endless events and activities.

  • Total Improvements: 6
  • Amount Invested: $436,010.58
  • Businesses Opened: 2
  • Jobs Created: 8
  • Volunteer Hours: 457
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $13,407
  • Private Dollars Invested: $103,517.91
  • Accomplishments
    • Mid-block crosswalks installed in front of East End Market
    • Hosted the Poemville event for the first time
    • Installed pollinator demonstration garden
    • Installed two dozen new banners
    • Revamped website
    • Created quarterly event calendar print piece for area distribution
    • Replanted all concrete planters along Corrine Drive with native and Florida-friendly plants
  • Events
    • The Night Market with Zombietoberfest, 3,500 attendees
    • Shop Small Saturday Sip and Stroll, 55 attendees
    • Poemville, monthlong art activation, attendance unknown
    • Bastille Day, 200 attendees
    • Outdoor movie - Clue, 55 attendees
    • Outdoor movie - Clueless, 60 attendees
    • Outdoor movie - Star Wars, 70 attendees
    • Outdoor movie - Mean Girls, 65 attendees

“The Main Street program has been so great not only for my business, but for our community overall. We're very grateful for this wonderful program." -Kim Hellstrom, The Lovely Boutique Market


3. College Park - 2022 Annual Report

About College Park Main Street

College Park is a vibrant neighborhood located just outside of downtown Orlando where you can experience urban living with a small town feel. This community is made up of some of the finest local retailers, award winning restaurants, and small businesses found in Central Florida. College Park’s wide selection of services, bungalow-style homes, brick tree-lined streets and many parks and lakes create a vibrant lifestyle and a comfortable place for residents to call home.

The community pride can be felt at any one of our popular annual events, that help bring alive the vibrancy, optimism, and shared values of College Park. “Come. Enjoy Life Along the Drive”!

  • Total Improvements: 20
  • Amount Invested: $790,781
  • Businesses Opened: 6
  • Jobs Created: 9
  • Volunteer Hours: 2,007
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $58,612.23
  • Private Dollars Invested: $223,368.90
  • Accomplishments
    • Implemented 4th Wednesday Wine Walk to promote awareness to College Park and the College Park Businesses - 100% of money going back to College Park Main Street businesses
    • Increased membership with 20 new business members
    • Maintained a high retention rate
    • Attended Florida Main Street trainings
    • Nip & Tuck - October 12, 2021 - 54 attendees
    • JazzFest - approximately 8,000 attendees
    • Holiday on the Drive - approximately 3,000 attendees
    • Main Street Directors Holiday Mixer - 16 attendees
    • Annual meeting - 26 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - Feb. 23 - approximately 169 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - Mar. 23 - approximately 159 attendees
    • Nip & Tuck - March 26, 2022 - 48 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - Apr. 27 - approximately 133 attendees
    • Spring Fest - rescheduled from April 2 to April 30, 2022 - approximately 5,000 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - May 25 - approximately 67 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - June 22 - approximately 157 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - July 27 - approximately 119 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - Aug. 24 - approximately 138 attendees
    • 4th Wednesday Wine Walk - Sept. 28 - Canceled, Hurricane Ian

It’s been our pleasure to work and live in College Park since 1989. Our company has witnessed substantial growth in our local community since the implementation of the College Park Partnership which has transitioned into College Park Main Street. The support to small businesses has been invaluable to Great Graphics Photoscan along with enhancing the local economy and our property values. The variety of annual events along Edgewater Drive have been instrumental in creating a small town feel within a larger city. All these attributes make living in College Park a rewarding and profitable endeavor!” – Greg Young, Great Graphics Photo Scan



4. City District - 2022 Annual Report

About City District

City District, formerly known as Church Street District, has been over a decade in the making. Conceived during the Great Recession of the early 2010’s, the City District is comprised of business owners working together to strengthen economic development in Downtown Orlando. With support from local merchants, the City District has continued to grow by becoming a member of Main Street America.

The City District is a nationally accredited Orlando Main Streets not-for-profit 501(C)(6) organization that promotes and advocates for the stakeholders and businesses within the historic downtown corridor and Parramore community. The District seeks to serve as a policy influencer and a vehicle for business and community enhancement, while ensuring economic stability through event
programming, design, marketing and promotion.

  • Total Improvements: 70
  • Amount Invested: $148,269,805
  • Businesses Opened: 98
  • Jobs Created: 392
  • Volunteer Hours: 966
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $28,362
  • Private Dollars Invested: $253,363.08
  • Accomplishments
    • Community clean ups - more than 600 plants and 300 volunteers helped to clean up the district throughout the year
    • Holiday programming - City District lit up historic Church Street, being the first to celebrate the holiday season with its beautiful 30-foot golden Christmas tree at the center of the Church Street Market. This event garnered three earned media spots (Orlando Sentinel, WESH and WKMG), positive sentiment within the community and a great turnout of participants
    • City District welcomed new business owners to the district via phone, email or business visit
    • With a renewed partnership with Downtown Arts District, Orange County Regional History Center and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, City District hosted #ThirdThursdayOrlando, which put an emphasis on showcasing the arts, entertainment and history within the district
    • Partnered with more than 30 local businesses to bring events back to the district
    • Created a survey to gather community feedback to help drive future planning and support of the district
    • Ramped up communications channels by implementing a monthly newsletter, historical building feature and robust social media campaigns to keep residents, businesses, members, visitors and more informed
    • With the help of Foley & Lardner LLP, City District is in the process transitioning to a 501(c)3, which includes amending and restating the articles of incorporation and bylaws
    • Established a financial/spending guideline, reconfigured the membership tiers and value proposition for district members
    • Established new vision and mission statement with guidance and support from City of Orlando liaisons
    • Welcomed new executive director, Nikki Aviles in June 2022
    • Started conversations with the Downtown Orlando Partnership and Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to bring a signature event to the district in March 2023
  • Events
    • Church Street holiday decorating - approximately 60 attendees
    • Deck the District - 12 business participants
    • District Dine Around - 60 attendees
    • Brunch with Santa at the Monroe - Dec. 2021 - 27 attendees
    • Brunch with Santa at Artisans Table - Nov. 2021 - 20 attendees
    • Third Thursday - Jan. 2022 - 8 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - Feb. 2022 - 33 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - Mar. 2022 - 22 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - Apr. 2022 - 19 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - May 2022 - 22 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - June 2022 - 40 wristbands sold
    • Third Thursday - July 2022 - 29 wristbands sold
    • Quarterly clean up - Feb. 2022 - 118 attendees
    • Quarterly clean up - Apr. 2022 - 30 attendees
    • From the Heart - 62 attendees

“One of my favorite things about being a business owner in the City District is the walkability to so many family-owned dining options. From our Net Conversion office on N Magnolia Ave, there are great options in every direction for every time of day - morning coffee, afternoon lunch, happy hour, dinner and even late-night choices. Never a shortage for our team, clients and friends to consider.” - Frank Vertolli, Net Conversion




5. Curry Ford West - 2022 Annual Report

About Curry Ford West

Curry Ford West is one of the most rapidly transforming areas in the city. What had become a pass-through for commuters is being revitalized by passionate business owners and championed by a new generation of residents eager to build community and see local culture thrive.

Visitors to Curry Ford West will enjoy a vast collection of craft beer, both locally brewed and from all over the world. They’ll also get to select from diverse dining options including Greek, Lebanese, Mexican, Cuban, Irish, Italian, and arguably the best local pizza in Orlando – demanding a return visit to try a new favorite next time.

Other businesses and services include one of Orlando’s longest running fresh produce markets, personal training and yoga studios, craft coffee shops and a variety of hair and nail salons perfect for a pampering day. 

  • Total Improvements: 16
  • Amount Invested: $496,475
  • Businesses Opened: 2
  • Jobs Created: 36
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,011
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $29,784.45
  • Private Dollars Invested: $125,219.57
  • Accomplishments   
    • Switched to a new event hosting platform and launched a new website to support the community
    • Improved relationships with volunteers, business owners, local organizations (like the National Entrepreneur Center, Rollins Collins Social Impact Hub) and officials such as City and County Commissioners
    • Removed the dated "District Card" program and replaced it with new business membership levels to better respond to the needs of our community (and make them easier to manage for our volunteers)
    • Hosted a 5K foot race which engaged the community in a positive way
    • Rolled out beautification initiatives which included painting dumpsters, murals and custom planters
    • Welcomed many new businesses to the district and members to our organization during a time of great change and transition
    • Received the July 2022 Awesome Foundation $1,000 grant
  • Events
  • Trunk or Treat - 2,000 attendees
  • Meet CFW Pop-Up Event at Kathi Rolls - 5 attendees
  • Picture Perfect Holidays - 500 attendees
  • Community Clean-Up Day - 5 attendees
  • District Tailgate - 50 attendees
  • Proclamation at Charlie's Bakery - 20 attendees
  • Black Rooster Grand Opening - 20 attendees
  • Soda Fountain and Doghouse Grand Opening - 15 attendees
  • Way Out West Night Markets (five events) - Average 20-40 attendees per night
  • Paint and Sip at Krave'N Joy - 12 attendees
  • Little Artist Gallery at Sam & George - 50 attendees
  • Hurry Down the Curry 5k and Fun Run - 250 attendees
  • The Vintage Chair Grand Opening - 15 attendees
  • Rarity Tattoo & Beauty Grand Opening - 15 attendees
  • Paint and Sip at Krave'N Joy - 8 attendees
  • Dress Like a Dad Pub Crawl - 120 attendees
  • Little Entrepreneur Fair - 40 attendees
  • Future of the Ford - 20 attendees
  • Paint and Sip at Krave'N Joy - 6 attendees


Owning a business in CFW is basically placing yourself in a group of like-minded passionate business owners who do business different and make each interaction and transaction something special. Whether it’s a pop-up market or a planned community event, many business owners are involved in the process of interacting with the community on multiple levels.” – Chad Mangione, Owner/Videographer – Mangione Studios LLC



6. Gateway Orlando - 2022 Annual Report

About Gateway Orlando District

Located in the southeast section of Orlando, Gateway Orlando is the spine of east Orlando, connecting the City’s two major airports. It is also the primary route for visitors between the airport and such critical destinations as Downtown Orlando and the University of Central Florida. In the last 10 to 15 years, neighborhoods surrounding this corridor have taken on an increasingly Hispanic or Latino character, while at the same time maintaining the strong values and home ownership that have always existed in this part of Orlando. The vibrant energy brought forth during this transition has created a virtual melting pot district experiencing an urban revival. Having a history that is barely 50 years old, Gateway Orlando joined the Orlando Main Street program as the city’s first Market Street District.

  • Total Improvements: 50
  • Amount Invested: $25,729,449
  • Businesses Opened: 39
  • Jobs Created: 139
  • Volunteer Hours: 358
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $10,462
  • Private Dollars Invested: $76,664.59
  • Accomplishments
    • Rebranded the organization from Gateway Orlando District to Gateway District with new focus on Shop, Dine, Live, Work and Play Local
    • Created new brand logo and updated promotional materials such as business cards, banners and member window clings
    • Install of 40 banners in the district with the new branding
    • Organized a successful Trunk O' Treat event with more than 700 attendees and $3,000 in revenue
    • Rebranded Trunk O' Treat event to Scare Fair with new brand logo for fiscal year 2022-2023
    • Identified and secured two event locations for the new fiscal year - Park of the Americas and Royal Oaks Plaza
    • Coordinated several business canvassing walks to introduce Gateway District and Board members to help identify issues and concerns for the district
  • Events
    • Networking on the Corridor (monthly event x 5) - monthly average of 25 attendees
    • Coffee on the Corridor (monthly event x 6) - monthly average of 12 attendees
    • Women with a Vision (monthly event x 4) - monthly average of 6 attendees
    • Trunk O' Treat - 700 attendees
    • Master Plan Discussion at OIA - 12 attendees
    • Board Retreat - 14 attendees


“Tropical Paradise Restaurant originally established in September 2001 in Brooklyn N.Y. Due to the Worldwide Epidemic of COVID-19 we were left with no other option but to close our doors after 19 years which was devastating for my family and our community. We were fortunate to relocate our operation and reopen in Orlando, FL in July 2020 at 73 South Semoran Boulevard, 32807. Where shortly after opening, I met Amilcar Cordova the Director of Gateway Orlando District .Mr. Cordova was visiting the local businesses on the corridor of Semoran Boulevard and explained to the merchants of services that were available post COVID-19. As a new establishment to the area with many questions and concerns it was very helpful for the information he provided to my business. Mr. Cordova also put me in contact with Orange County District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe office which is currently assisting me with building code issues. I'm proud to announce that due to the assistance of Gateway Orlando District my business has moved forward and my establishment has now joined Gateway Orlando District Thanks to Mr. Cordova and his team.” – Davis Gayle




7. Ivanhoe Village - 2022 Annual Report

About Ivanhoe Village

Nestled in one of Orlando’s most treasured historic neighborhoods and anchored by beautiful Lake Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe Village is filled with antique stores, art galleries, design centers, master craftsmen, restaurants and retail shops. Ivanhoe Village has something for everyone, including outdoor dining, a vintage record shop, a bike shop, jewelry and more located in one district on the northern edge of Downtown Orlando.

The buildings are oriented in a traditional pattern of small-scale one- and two-story storefront buildings facing the street, along sidewalks emphasizing pedestrian access. Most buildings display characteristics of the Art Deco style with streamlined curves and forms that articulate the façade. Entrance to this district is marked by a replica Statue of Liberty poised in an island of tropical plantings and flowers.

This district is reinventing itself to include Ivanhoe Row, Virginia Drive, Loch Haven Cultural Park and Florida Hospital Health Village. The district is home to Florida Hospital, Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, The Orlando Ballet, The Ronald McDonald House, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Science Center, The Mennello Museum of American Art and Orlando Shakespeare Theatre.

  • Total Improvements: 47
  • Amount Invested: $199,280,776
  • Hospital Improvements: $68,942,685.42
  • Businesses Opened: 9
  • Jobs Created: 43
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,160
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $33,780
  • Private Dollars Invested: $186,056.15
  • Accomplishments
    • Hired an Assistant Director
    • Onboarded a brand new Executive Director
    • Membership grew from 71 (September 2021) to 89 (October 2022)
    • Installed first round of art panels
    • Held three district clean-ups with Keep Orlando Beautiful, totaling 174 volunteer hours
    • Began Ivanhoe Village workshops for business owners
    • Held first State of the Village as a fundraising event (silent auction)
    • Growing Visit Orlando relationship with tours and focus in the district; lends itself to "tourism", one of the district's transformation strategies
  • Events
    • Jingle Eve with ticketed 12 Wines of Christmas - 750 attendees
    • District Clean-Ups (three events) - 87 attendees
    • Virginia Drive Live (three events) - 1,100 attendees
    • Sip Into Spring - 600 attendees
    • State of the Village - 75 attendees
    • Summerween - 100 attendees

As a small business entering its third year we are grateful we are members of the Ivanhoe Village Main Street Program. We’ve been members since we opened in May of 2020. As a member there are many perks, such as, we can be a part of a variety of classes at Credo to better help us run our businesses, we get advanced notice of being part of the wine stops for Jingle Eve and Sip Into Spring, we get updates from our director on any city updates to the Village that may or may not impact our business. We are grateful that this program exists to help keep our Village up to date on happenings and the continued support of the growth in the area!” – Jeff Starks, Owner, Maffrey’s




8. Mills 50 District - 2022 Annual Report

About Mills 50 District

Mills 50 is a centrally located, culturally diverse, progressive minded, eclectic urban district! It is a grass roots, member-based organization made up of local business owners and residents, whose mission is to foster Orlando’s most diverse neighborhood by stimulating business, creating a walkable community and promoting our creative culture.

  • Total Improvements: 47
  • Amount Invested: $4,749,339
  • Businesses Opened: 2
  • Jobs Created: 52
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,318
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $38,175
  • Private Dollars Invested: $140,985.45
  • Accomplishments
    • Named Great American Main Street Award (GAMSA) semi-finalist
    • Received National Main Street accreditation for the 11th year in a row
    • Voted "Best Neighborhood to Eat In" and "Best Neighborhood to Drink In" in the Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando Readers Poll
    • Voted "Second Best Place to Show People the Real Orlando" in Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando Readers Poll
    • Held the 10th annual Lunar Fest Dragon Parade
    • Produced a 2022 calendar featuring public art in Mills 50
    • Sponsored the Mills 50 Backyard Oasis Tour, featuring six homes in Colonialtown North
    • Encouraged businesses to participate in Small Business Saturday and produced a social media marketing campaign
    • Hosted a reception honoring Mills 50 women business owners for Women's History Month in March
    • Hosted a reception honoring Mills 50 women business owners for Women's Small Business month in October
    • Hosted a security workshop with Orlando Police Department for our businesses
    • Partnered with Kelly Shannon Floral for two "Cacti & Cocktails" workshops
    • Partnered with PhatAsh Bakes for four "Cookies & Cocktails" workshops
    • Partnered with SoDo District, The Aardvark & PhatAsh Bakes for a "Craft & Cookies" workshop
    • Hosted the sixth annual "Love Fest", a free event featuring live music, local vendors and businesses and food and libations
    • Hosted "The Almost Fall Fest", a free event featuring live music, local vendors and businesses and food and libations
    • Hosted five pub crawls - Chills 50 Pub Crawl & Costume Contest, Annual Approximately 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl, Annual St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl, A Dog Day Afternoon Pub and Pup Crawl and Costume Contest
    • Hosted three Business After Hours networking events
    • Sponsored the sixth annual "Mills 50 Artist Series" art wine bottle reception and fundraiser, featuring wine bottles painted by more than 40 artists
    • Partnered with Keep Orlando Beautiful for a clean-up with ThinkLiveBee Property Team and a clean-up with Sherwin Williams employees
    • Co-sponsored "Virginia Drive Live" in February, May and September with Ivanhoe Village Main Street
    • Joined other Main Streets in "Sip & Savor Weeks", which encouraged residents to take advantage of specials in participating restaurants
  • Events
    • 10th annual Lunar Dragon Parade - 5,000 attendees
    • Backyard Oasis Tour - 100 attendees
    • St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl - 200 attendees
    • Approximately 12 Pubs of Christmas Pub Crawl - 400 attendees
    • Chills 50 Pub Crawl and Costume Contest - 250 attendees
    • Mills 50 Artist Series - 100 attendees
    • Love Fest - 500 attendees
    • Almost Fall Fest - 500 attendees
    • Pup Paw-ty - 175 attendees and their dogs
    • Pup Crawl and Costume Contest - 200 attendees and their dogs
    • Virginia Drive Live (three events) - 1,100 attendees
    • Mills 50 Women Business Owners reception (two events) - 100 attendees total
    • Business After Hours (three events) - approximately 40-50 attendees per event
    • Cocktails & Cacti - 40 attendees
    • Cookies & Cocktails (four workshops) - 34 attendees
    • Crafts & Cocktails - 20 attendees
    • Security Workshop - 15 attendees

“We wouldn’t be open if it wasn’t for Mills 50! Mills 50 is such a resource for small businesses! From helping us get open to putting on great community events, Mills 50 is always the ‘go to’ when we need to figure something out. Mills 50 is the best.”  Mike Wallace, Owner, Ten 10 Brewing Co.



9. SoDo District - 2022 Annual Report

About the SoDo District

The SoDo District is a business district surrounded by many of Orlando’s historic neighborhoods known for their lakes, walkable parks and streets. Orlando Health, one of Orlando’s most established hospitals has served as a mainstay of the district since 1918. One of Orlando’s historic railroad stations is nestled within this community which is within one mile of Downtown Orlando.

Neighbors have joined forces with property owners and merchants revitalizing the Orange Avenue and Michigan Street corridors to celebrate this vibrant community where residents live, shop, work and play. With the growing number of renovations and additions to the commercial district, the SoDo District is defined as an emerging market. Small retail and mixed-use projects are creating a positive new look and tone. Many large retail chains have recently invested in the SoDo District, though a generous amount of boutique-style shops and mom-and-pop restaurants offer diverse options.

  • Total Improvements: 64
  • Amount Invested: $4,749,339
  • Hospital Improvements: $10,125,581
  • Businesses Opened: 17
  • Jobs Created: 150
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,287
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $37,663
  • Private Dollars Invested: $141,441.71
  • Accomplishments
    • Opened more than 30 businesses with more than 160 jobs created across the district
    • Invested more than $30.4 million in improvements for new and existing businesses
    • Transitioned in new executive director and welcomed three new board members to the Board of Directors
    • Increased fundraising efforts by more than 25% since 2021
    • Increased membership income from 2021 by $8,500; more than $26,000 in membership funds raised
    • Installed eight new bike racks in the district - a $5,000 investment; the district now has 20 branded bike racks
    • Worked with SoDo Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) partners to implement marketing and branding efforts, economic development and design
    • Recognized 12 deserving businesses through the SoDo Squeeze of the Month program
    • Mayor's Matching Grant recipient for United Against Poverty Community School Supply Drive
    • Increased social media presence by more than 20%
    • Participated in local city, state and national main street training and networking opportunities
    • Implemented and maintained art for SoDo plaza art projection and installation
    • Worked with Mills 50 District to collaborate on business-to-business partnered events
    • Maintained SoDo District branded banners, with three repairs and new locations identified
  • Events
    • Sip & Swizzle Cocktail Party - 100 attendees
    • Vino & Vets - 200 attendees
    • Light Up SoDo - 5,000 attendees
    • Stretch Lab Ribbon Cutting - 25 attendees
    • Rockpit Beerlympics - 500 attendees
    • Crave BBQ Ribbon Cutting - 20 attendees
    • Gou Oui Cookies Ribbon Cutting - 25 attendees
    • Valentine's Day at Woofgang Bakery - 40 attendees
    • International Women's Day Mixer - 75 attendees
    • SoDo After Dark - 450 attendees
    • Member Mixer & annual meeting at Hungry Pants - 50 attendees
    • Eat the Frog one-year anniversary - 200 attendees
    • F45 workout to benefit Pulse - 75 attendees
    • 4 Rivers Ribbon Cutting - 100 attendees
    • Community workout with Camp Gladiator - 55 attendees
    • Mills 50/PhatAsh Bakes/Aardvark Craft & Cookie collaboration - 25 attendees
    • Urban Loop/SoDo Bike Path Ribbon Cutting - 50 attendees
    • Varktoberfest - 300 attendees
  • “The SoDo District team, led by Director Misty Heath, has been an incredible resource for us as we opened our business in SoDo. From the Day we joined, they have been integral in helping us establish relationships in the SoDo community and in getting the word out about what we do at Clean Eatz and the healthy benefits we provide. The Light Up SoDo event in December gave us the opportunity to meet our SoDo neighbors and helped pout our brand in front of thousands of people in one day. Misty and her team also stay current on their members’ social media and are quick to share news and updates on a regular basis. Misty always responds to emails and is consistently on hand to answer any questions and point us in the right direction. The SoDo District team is not only a valuable part of our community marketing plan, they have become friends and family. Thank you for all you do!” – Lisa Psallidas, Owner/Proprietor, Clean Eatz.
  • “Being a member of the SoDo District has greatly enhanced our visibility in the community and helped us to raise awareness of our events, resulting in much higher participation and engagement rates than we would have been able to achieve on our own. The connections that we make with other business members through the district are invaluable. The opportunity for collaborations and cross-promotions are limited only by our imagination! We truly appreciate all of the assistance given by the district to the members and value how much effort is put into local events. They not only connect district businesses to each other, but also bring together the residents and the local government, giving everyone a genuine sense of community.” – Sean Burke, Owner/Proprietor, Rockpit Brewing




10. The Milk District - 2022 Annual Report

About The Milk District

The Milk District is a cultural hub with a progressive lifestyle, music and arts scene, featuring diverse culinary experiences, colorful murals, recreational sporting and music venues, unique shopping destinations, community gardens, award winning bars, coffee shops and more.

No matter who you are, The Milk District has something for you!

  • Total Improvements: 37
  • Amount Invested: $3,859,740.21
  • Businesses Opened: 19
  • Jobs Created: 105
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,078
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $31,693.90
  • Private Dollars Invested: $199,097
  • Accomplishments
    • Executive Director Zac Alfson spoke at Main Street America's Main Street Now conference in Richmond, VA, and the Orlando Regional Realtors Association Annual Conference
    • Colonial Lanes project featured as a case study for community involvement and historic preservation with a panel discussion at the American Planning Association Florida Chapter conference
    • Led community effort for improved outcomes on Robinson Street RRR project
    • Worked with City of Orlando staff to prioritize bike/pedestrian improvements to Bumby Avenue, South Street and Primrose Drive
    • Celebrated the post-COVID return to major events: Krampusfest, The Milky Way and Rockin' Robinson
    • Launched new promotions under the Orlando Beer Week and Best Sandwiches in the Universe umbrellas
    • Social media posts including business promotions, events and updates were viewed over a million times across platforms
    • Introduction of Urality CMS that drives online directory, vibe guide, events and promotions
    • The Milk District partnered with American Institute of Architects Orlando to conduct a design charrette exercise with emerging professional architects, planners and other designers
    • Bicycle-Friendly Business resources, program and application assistance
    • Launched a new partnership with Visit Orlando including memberships for Milk District businesses
    • Two Milk District Spot incubator participants have opened brick-and-mortar businesses: The Vintage Chair and Sandy Rubin Jewelry
  • Events
    • Milk Mart Spooky Soiree - 2,500 attendees
    • Clean-up at A La Cart with Keep Orlando Beautiful - 23 attendees
    • Krampus preview at A La Cart - 42 attendees
    • Krampusfest - 2,700 attendees
    • Secret River preview - 35 attendees
    • Mofongo Kicks Pop-Up - 135 attendees
    • Milk Mart Holiday Market - 3,000 attendees
    • Quarter 2 Clean-up - 13 attendees
    • Beer Week Bingo - 200 attendees
    • Milk Mixer with The Nickley Group - 28 attendees
    • Milk Mart Lazy Lover's Market - 2,000 attendees
    • I'm Just Happy to be Here Portrait Project and Mural - 114 attendees
    • Viewhouse at The Spot - 85 attendees
    • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - 35 attendees
    • IOA Corporate 5k Cheering Section - 30 attendees
    • State of the Milk - 119 attendees
    • Rockin' Robinson - 2,000 attendees
    • Milk Mart 6th Anniversary Birthday Bash - 3,000 attendees
    • World Environment Day Clean-up - 80 attendees
    • Milk Mixer at H2O Church - 19 attendees
    • Coffee + Cream Networking at Easy Luck - 7 attendees
    • Coffee + Cream Networking at Drunken Monkey - 5 attendees
    • Milky Way Bar and Bites Crawl - July - 89 attendees
    • Scoops and Spokes - 22 attendees
    • Design Charrette with American Institute of Architects - 30 attendees
    • The Milky Way Bar and Bites Crawl - August - 56 attendees
    • Milk Mixer at Whiskey Lou's - 43 attendees
    • Milk District Clean-up at Crossfit Milk District - 29 attendees
    • The Milky Way Bar and Bites Crawl - September - 71 attendees


  • When we were looking for a second location one of the things we identified early on as a must was an active Main Street district. The Milk District Main Street program creates the type of community that is hyper-local and has an eclectic atmosphere we prefer to invest in.  As a property owner and business owner in the Milk District we have strengthened our brand due to the active work The Milk District Main Street program has done. It's been a win win. Thank You Zac for all you do behind the scenes to keep making our district popular and thriving.” – Mike Van den Abbeel, Mosaic Milk District
  • “We recently moved our headquarters to the Milk District in 2021.  The Milk District Main Street program has had a significant impact on our business as well as our property.  It’s rare to find a community organization that has put so much thought into how they want to shape the community for the future!  We have been able to get involved with community clean-ups, as well as committees within the Main Street program.  This involvement is going to give us the chance to be a part of the growth of the area for years to come!  Our entire team loves being in the Milk District!” – Adam Wonus, Atrium Management


11. Parramore District - 2022 Annual Report

  • Total Improvements: 46
  • Amount Invested: $119,900,433.55
  • Businesses Opened: 31
  • Jobs Created: 210
  • Volunteer Hours: 819
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $23,668
  • Private Dollars Invested: $35,639.18
  • Accomplishments
    • Added 14 street sign toppers and six entryway signs to bring more awareness to visitors and residents that Parramore is a Nationally Registered Historic District
    • Wrote and submitted grant on behalf of New Image Youth Center to apply for a Central Florida Foundation grant that was awarded $2,000 for the Power Up Parramore Project (solar-powered charging stations to be added to Parramore in December of 2022)
    • Assisted Black Bottom House of Prayer Pastor with finding a grant writer that assisted in completing their African American Cultural and Historical grant with the state of Florida - awarded $500,000
    • Completed large beautification projects that included planting close to 800 plants, pressure washing three buildings and five blocks of sidewalks, as well as painted three buildings that house three local businesses within the National Historic District (total of $73,141 in funding)
    • Painted three original murals within the National Registered Historic District of Parramore
    • Awarded eight local businesses within Parramore micro-grants totaling $23,859
    • Captured three business owner and resident interviews to document legacy stakeholders of Parramore - future historic project 2021 DOP Golden Brick Award Finalist for Parramore Day of Service
    • Applied and awarded a Wells Fargo Grant for small business micro-grants in the Parramore Main Street Program (total of $28,365 - funds will be applied Q1 of fiscal year 2022-2023)
  • Events
    • Table Talk 2021
      • Youth session: 28 attendees
      • Adult session: 10 attendees
    • Parramore Main Street Clean-Up - 60 attendees
    • Parramore Day of Service - 120 attendees
    • Parramore mural reveal - 55 attendees
    • Coffee Talk (June) - 15 attendees
    • Juneteenth Retro Happy Hour - 22 attendees
    • Coffee Talk (July) - 7 attendees

"The Main Street program has been instrumental in bringing the businesses of the Parramore District together. Through the monthly Coffee talks, our company has been able to not only have the rare opportunity to meet and network with the other businesses in the area, but also gain valuable knowledge of the resources available for the businesses in our community. Natasha has been invaluable in connecting our business to vital resources to help propel Neu Blooms forward and aid in our recovery after COVID." Tina Smith, owner of Neu Blooms Florals & Event Design 




12. Thornton Park District - 2022 Annual Report

About Thornton Park District

Visitors looking to decompress will find relief in the brick-lined streets of Thornton Park, the city’s most stylish district. Just east of Lake Eola, Thornton Park District is home to a colorful commercial district with a European feel to the restaurants and boutiques. More than 50 locally owned specialty shops, services, and dining destinations comprise the Thornton Park District, so whether you’re in the mood to sit outside with a glass of wine, enjoy a leisurely dinner before catching a show, or ready to put on your shopping shoes and spruce up your wardrobe and hairstyle, they have it covered.

  • Total Improvements: 32
  • Amount Invested: $2,160,282.79
  • Businesses Opened: 12
  • Jobs Created: 118
  • Volunteer Hours: 779
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $22,910
  • Private Dollars Invested: $193,108.28
  • Accomplishments 
    • TPD events and markets brought and estimated 20,000 visitors to the district
    • Adding another parklet to the established Parklet Program on Lake Avenue
    • Quarterly neighborhood clean-up with the Thornton Park Neighborhood Association
    • Working with new businesses with permitting and ribbon cuttings
    • Established the weekly TPD markets
    • Attracted new businesses to the district through targeted outreach
  • Events
    •  12 monthly Thornton 2nd Thursday Wine & Art Walk - 8,000 attendees
    • 8th annual Halloween Block Party - 1,500 attendees
    • 8th annual Putt N' Pour - 425 attendees
    • 124 TPD markets at the TPD Circle
    • St. Patrick's Day Block Party - 850 attendees
    • United We Dance - 500 attendees
    • Santacon - 500 attendees
    • Slinging for Santa - 350 attendees
    • Holiday Window Contest 

I have had businesses with a Main Street program and without. We at Burton’s have seen firsthand the advantage of having a Main Street organization advocate and facilitate for us. We love Lisa and TPD!” – Jason Anderson, co-owner of Burton’s Thornton Park



13. West Lakes Market Street District - 2022 Annual Report

About West Lakes Market Street District

The West Lakes Market Street District is Orlando’s newest, promising focal point for business and community growth.  With Camping World Stadium and historic Lake Lorna Doone Park at its core, the district is a well-known destination for festival goers, sports enthusiasts and concert fans.  Locals remember the area’s history of diversity, leadership, and family business in a myriad of industries.  As West Orlando welcomes revitalization and evolution, the West Lakes District will lead and elevate its corporations, small businesses, new startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs to their next levels of success.  From automotive and manufacturing, to health and financial services, to retail and dining, the district will continue to celebrate the historic value of the community while creating rich, new opportunities for consumers and collaborators from near and far.   

  • Total Improvements: 41
  • Amount Invested: $47,932,465
  • Businesses Opened: 49
  • Jobs Created: 147
  • Volunteer Hours: 248
  • Value of Volunteer Hours: $7,344
  • Private Dollars Invested: $73,430.04


  • Hired an executive director
  • Recruited and appointed two new board members
  • Hosted Table Talks, with one resulting in receiving a grant (West Lakes non-profit)
  • Successful AmEx ShopSmall campaign promoting 10 West Lakes District businesses
  • Two district businesses participated in Main Streets Sip n' Savor Weeks
  • Worked with Orange County Commissioner Siplin to clean a dumping site on Buchan Road
  • Surveyed for and reported all illegal transient camp sites, successfully connecting all individuals to the Hope Team


  • Lover's Lane - 100 attendees

Thank you to the West Lakes Market Street for selecting Texas Fried Chicken to be one of its beautification projects. I know this will be appreciated by other businesses as well as they learn what is available to them.” – Said Lufty