Submit Sanitary Sewer and Reclaimed Water Utility Shop Drawings

Do you have to submit a civil shop drawing?

Shop drawings for public (city-owned) facilities must be reviewed and approved by the Water Reclamation Division prior to installation.


Step 1.Prepare your documents

All shop drawings need to be reviewed and stamped approved by the Engineer of Record (EOR) prior to city submission. 

Make sure your drawings are signed, sealed and prepared according to the Engineering Standards Manual requirements.

Step 2.Submit your stamped civil shop drawings

We will contact you with our review disposition within 15 business days.  

Submit Your Drawings

Step 3.Print your approved stamped civil shop drawings

After you have received a stamped approval from the Water Reclamation Division, print and post on your job site for inspections.

Only shop drawings of public facilities will be stamped and returned with Water Reclamation Division approval.