Lake Alert FAQs

For the most up-to-date information regarding the lake, please subscribe to the Lake Alert service or call the Lake Alert hotline number, 407.246.2220.  

Don’t see an answer to your question? Email questions to the Public Outreach Coordinator at

Why is a Lake Alert issued?

The City of Orlando issues a lake alert when a water quality or public health concern is confirmed for that lake. Some concerns that may cause a lake alert to be issued include sanitary sewer overflows, harmful algal blooms, fish kills, elevated bacteria levels, and tropical storms or hurricanes.

What causes elevated E. coli concentrations?

The presence of elevated E. coli concentrations in a lake could be caused by a sanitary sewer overflow, excessive dog poop that has runoff into the lake, or excessive excrement from waterfowl.

What causes a fish kill?

There are many natural and manmade causes that can lead to fish kills. Natural causes may include changes in weather, lake water depth, cloudy or muddy water, and fish community structure. High levels of algae growth can rapidly change the level of oxygen in a lake or produce toxins that result in fish kills. Algal blooms can be caused by high levels of nutrients entering a lake via runoff from fertilizers, septic tanks, pet waste and yard waste. Misuse of pesticides or herbicides around a water body can also cause fish kills.

Who can I contact if I have questions about a Lake Alert?

For questions regarding a Lake Alert, refer to the contact information listed within the Lake Alert itself. You may also contact the Public Outreach Coordinator at

When will a Lake Alert be lifted?

A Lake Alert will be lifted when water quality levels have met acceptable surface water quality criteria. This may take several days or several months, depending on the cause of the Lake Alert and other factors like rainfall.