Public Safety

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The City of Orlando’s top priority is public safety and the Orlando Fire Department and Orlando Police Department are committed to keeping residents, visitors and businesses safe. We continue to make significant investments in public safety, adding police officers and firefighters, investing in cutting-edge technology and providing state-of-the-art training.  

  • The Orlando Police Department works daily to build relationships with residents in order to prevent and detect crimes in their neighborhoods. Through programs like Neighborhood Watch, residents are helping officers keep our community safe. OPD is also committed to building relationships with young residents through programs like Operation Positive Direction and Dueling Dragons, serving as mentors while keeping youth away from crime. 

  • OPD has implemented a new organizational plan that is aimed at crime prevention and reduction, improving officer response time when citizens call for service and furthering collaboration within the department.The operational structure adds six new patrol squads to the patrol division, increasing the number of available officers when the department sees a surge in calls for service during the early afternoon and late evening hours.

  • In order to keep our community safe, the Orlando Fire Department invests in state-of-the-art tools, technology and training to help firefighters, EMTs and 9/11 operators prepare for emergency incidents.

  • Both departments utilize a new Computer Aided Dispatch system for 911 to integrate emergency response for both departments that creates a unified dispatch system to increase efficiency and resident safety.