See Yourself in the Orlando Fire Service


The Orlando Fire Department has proudly served its residents for more than 137 years. While OFD is steeped in tradition, we remain committed to looking forward and being a step above. This means equipping our personnel with:

  • State-of-the-art technology and tools
  • Training to keep our community safe
  • Driving a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity

What we're offering certified firefighters:

  • Competitive benefits and a starting salary of $50,000
  • Incentives for paramedics and special teams
  • Approximately 10 shifts a month*
  • Professional development opportunities and much more.
*Based on a one day on, two days off as well as every 8th shift off work schedule.


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Who We Are

OFD is committed to ensuring our members reflect our community and those we serve. With this in mind, we are focused on increasing our membership among all underrepresented groups in areas of race, gender and ethnicity.

OFD ensures our highly trained, certified firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs have what they need to respond to any incident. This includes tools, technology, and training and a workplace where everyone is valued and has access to professional development opportunities and pathways to promotion.

Orlando Fire offers an array of specials teams, making it one of the most elite fire departments in the country. OFD has a well-deserved reputation for serving the community with respect and integrity. 

Read the 2020 Inclusivity and Equity Action Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Firefighter Benefits

The Orlando Fire Department offers:

  • Competitive pay of more than $50,000 starting, with incentives for paramedics and special teams
  • Sworn personnel have a working schedule of one day on and two days off, as well as every eighth day off
  • Once a firefighter invests 20 years in the field, they receive 68% of their pay for the rest of their lives, 85% after 25 years of service
  • There are bonuses offered based on rank and service time
  • Other perks include equipment allowances, paid holidays and tuition reimbursement

Work as a Team

The City of Orlando and OFD are committed to driving a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity and taking care of one another.

There are many opportunities to be part of a special team at OFD, including:

  • Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 4
  • Dive Team
  • Arson/Bomb Squad
  • Trench Rescue
  • High-Angle Rescue
  • Rapid Intervention
  • Honor Guard
  • Pipes and Drums
  • Recruitment Team and more

New initiatives continue to develop, such as recruitment efforts, policy reform and officer development with an emphasis on professional development, leadership and training that encourages a welcoming environment that is reflective of our community.

How We Give Back

Giving back and building relationships with our neighbors is key to providing the best service to our residents. OFD hosts more than 600 events each year in partnership with local schools, hospitals, professional sports teams, non-profits and charities.

This includes demonstrations throughout the community to highlight safety education with specialized curriculum as well as a wide variety of programs to aid in the safety of our residents including smoke alarm distribution and installation, hands-only CPR training, CERT, youth mentorship and training opportunities and more.