Permitting Staff

General Information
Permitting Services
General Information/Call Center 407.246.2271
Business Tax Receipt BTR Information 407.246.2204
Permitting Fax Number 407.246.3420
Inspections Fax Number 407.246.2882
Thea Walker Permitting Division Manager 407.246.2679
Vincent Gramaglia Permitting Assistant Division Manager 407.246.3212
Meghan McCray Office Assistant 407.246.3548
Cayla Sperry Administrative Assistant/Bonds & Performance Guarantees 407.246.2905
Roy Eden Building Official 407.246.3551
Brandon Albright Deputy Building Official 407.246.3443
Brandy O'Brien Administrative Assistant to the Building Official 407.246.2587
Crystal Emeric Project Manager 407.246.2822
Mounib Moussa Permitting Records & Archives Supervisor 407.246.3293
Yolanda Blanco Rosado Fiscal Coordinator 407.246.2602
Permit Intake/Process Team
Marcia Ross Customer Service Manager 407.246.3027
Kaydeon Tenn Customer Service Supervisor 407.246.3330
Jesenia Cruz Customer Service Supervisor 407.246.3277
Valencia Gilley Customer Service Supervisor 407.246.3240
General Line 407.246.2271
Allison Ezell Permit Technician
Alyson Stickle Permit Technician
Angela Baijnath Permit Technician
Angela Clark Permit Technician
Angela Gordon Permit Technician
Angela Smith Permit Technician
Anne Solomon Permit Technician
Cache Findlay Permit Technician
Crystal Walker Permit Technician
Daniell Rivera Permit Technician
Debra Nobles Permit Technician
Gabrielle Roessler Permit Technician
Gianna Bradford Harris Permit Technician
Janet Dimache Permit Technician
Johnny Garcia Permit Technician
Kayla Henry Permit Technician
Luz Alicea Permit Technician
Mark Thomas Permit Technician
Mayra Colon Permit Technician
Michelle Rosa Permit Technician
Racquel Jones-Walcott Permit Technician
Saralyn Wilhemi Permit Technician
Sedricka Brathwaite Permit Technician
Shelly-Ann Bell Permit Technician
Suen Taylor Permit Technician
TaMira Farmer Permit Technician
Yoldine Joscirin Permit Technician
Business Tax Receipt Intake/Process Team
Pamela Wilson Customer Service Supervisor 407.246.3192
Inspection Services Team
Alan Stickle Inspection Services Manager 407.246.2806
Felix Acosta Permit Technician 407.246.3180
Jessie Lankford Permit Technician 407.246.4073
Terry Goodin Chief Building Inspector 407.246.3488
Scott Brian Merrick Chief Building Inspector 407.246.3542
Gerardo Urgelles Chief Plumbing Inspector 407.246.3216
Thomas Westly Chief Mechanical Inspector 407.246.3140
John Heidinger Chief Electrical Inspector 407.246.2207
Danny Anderson Chief Fire Inspector 407.246.3153
Olivia Boykin Chief Engineering Inspector 407.246.3223
Chris Walsh Mechanical Inspector 407.246.3317
Christie Finklea Engineering Inspector 407.246.3248
Dana Foster Building Inspector 407.246.3541
David Entler Engineering Inspector 407.246.3237
David Fishel Building Inspector 407.246.2324
Donald Rampersaud Electrical Inspector 407.246.3163
Eliomar Garcia Plumbing Inspector 407.246.3418
Errol Brown Electrical Inspector 407.246.2692
Felix Martin Electrical Inspector 407.246.2804
Geri Smithson Engineering inspector 407.246.3549
James Hammerli Fire Inspector 407.246.4254
James Tetreault Plumbing Inspector 407.246.3547
James "JT" Toth Building Inspector 407.246.3552
Jeffrey Moore Mechanical Inspector 407.246.3185
Jimmy Wells Building Inspector 407.246.3557
Joel Berry Engineering Inspector 407.246.2876
John Burkett Building Inspector 407.246.3340
John Thrailkill Building Inspector 407.246.3428
Johnnie Miller Engineering Inspector 407.246.2793
Joseph Stubits Mechanical Inspector 407.246.3553
Kevin Kennedy Electrical Inspector 407.246.3546
Mark Bedow Electrical Inspector 407.246.3250
Michael Shipman Electrical Inspector 407.246.3132
Nathan Hutton Fire Inspector 407.246.2407
Pat William Pendleton Electrical Inspector 407.246.3543
Richard Pepper Fire Inspector 407.246.3374
Richard Wendling Building Inspector 407.246.3524
Thomas Harris Building Inspector 407.246.3540
Tony Loftin Building Inspector 407.246.3249
Wilfred Alvarado Fire Inspector 407.246.2868
William Rivera Plumbing Inspector 407.246.2805
Plan Review Team
Don Fields Chief Building Plans Examiner 407.246.2654
Keith Grayson Chief Engineering/Zoning Plans Examiner 407.246.3234
Alejandro Perez Building Plans Examiner 407.246.4273
Augustine Swift Mechanical Plans Examiner 407.246.3556
Calvin Spencer Fire Plans Examiner 407.246.3217
Dalia Sidrak Engineering/Zoning Review 407.246.2280
Ebony Bernard Engineering/Zoning Review 407.246.3690
Franklin Pearce Mechanical Plans Examiner 407.246.3545
Haider Al Salihi Transportation Engineer Review 407.246.3626
Howard James Johnson Building Plans Examiner 407.246.2681
John Groenendaal Plat Review/ABL 407.246.3437
Juanito Rivera Building Plans Examiner 407.246.3539
Kermit Johnson Fire Plans Examiner 407.246.2676
Larry Barton Electrical Plans Examiner 407.246.3430
Lorenzo Howell Electrical Plans Examiner 407.246.2687
Margie Hutto Engineering/Zoning Review 407.246.3268
Marissis Gandert Building Plans Examiner 407.246.3213
Michael Folts Engineering/Zoning Plans Examiner 407.246.3079
Ralph Vince Pizzuti Plumbing Plans Examiner 407.246.2393
Scott Robert McCandless Plumbing Plans Examiner 407.246.2394
Sharon Filer Engineering/Zoning Review 407.246.4251
Tommy Paulk Fire Plans Examiner 407.246.3534
Victor Mercado Transportation Engineer Review 407-246-2420
Permit Express (PEXP)
Traci M. Parker Permit Express Manager 407.246.2803
Michelle Rosa Permit Express Technician 407.246.3718
Ty'Kyieshay' Dixon Permit Express Technician 407.246.4250