2022 Redistricting


Over time, communities and populations change. To ensure each of our districts continue to represent an equal number of residents, we conduct a regular process, called redistricting, to appropriately and fairly readjust the lines of districts in accordance with population shifts.  

The last redistricting process in the City of Orlando occurred in 2011. Now, ten years later and after the completion of the 2020 U.S. Census, we are ready to begin our 2022 Redistricting. 

Redistricting Principles 

The following criteria guide the redrawing of district boundaries and how each district is represented in the process: 

  • Contiguous
  • Nearly equal in population as practicable 
  • Compact
  • Avoid favoring or disfavoring any political party
  • Drawing district boundaries along streets and natural boundaries
  • Keeping neighborhoods together within a district
  • Keeping communities of interest together within a district
  • Maintaining the core areas of prior districts 

View the recommended plan for the 2022 Redistricting Map(PDF, 4MB)

Why is redistricting important?

As our city grows and changes, residents’ representation in government begins to get out of balance. Redistricting aims to distribute the population of our city evenly among our six commission districts. The even distribution ensures that every Orlandoan is represented fairly by their City Council members.  

To do this, the City Charter requires us to initiate a redistricting process using the latest U.S. Census data (which occurs about every ten years). 

Public participation is important for fair and accurate representation. It can help us better understand how to avoid drawing district boundaries that unfairly divide communities. We achieve participation through a Citizen Redistricting Advisory Board, as well as input from residents. We will host public meetings and open houses, provide access to create redistricting maps and offer opportunities to tell us about your community.

Community Feedback

Community feedback is now closed.

The Citizen Redistricting Advisory Board (RAB)

Our redistricting will be guided by the Citizen Redistricting Advisory Board (RAB), who are members of the public. The RAB is composed of nine citizen representatives:  

  • Six representatives, nominated by their respective City Commissioner, who best represent the interests of their district. 
  • The RAB chairman and two at-large representatives are nominated by the Mayor.  

The RAB Resolution

On February 7, 2022, a resolution was brought before council to establish the City of Orlando 2022 Redistricting Advisory Board (RAB), which appoints members of the RAB and provides the general duties of the RAB.

The duties of the RAB include: 

  • Gather and study the 2020 U.S. Census data 
  • Create maps and materials, and share with the public
  • Encourage public input
  • Meet regularly in public session
  • Take and consider public testimony and plans
  • Prepare a recommended plan of redistricting
  • Submit a proposed redistricting plan for the Orlando City Council’s consideration. 

RAB Representatives

  • Chairman - Roger Chapin
  • At Large - Alana Brenner
  • At Large - Sharon Riley
  • District 1 - Chuck Holmes
  • District 2 - Freddie Agrait
  • District 3 - Katie Flury
  • District 4 - Dan Kirby
  • District 5 - Greg Lee
  • District 6 - Alejandro Pezzini

Legal requirements for redistricting

Every ten years, after the U.S Census has been completed, the Orlando City Charter requires the city commission districts be re-drawn to ensure that all the districts have nearly equal population. 

The City Council, by a majority vote, is to adopt an ordinance outlining the new district boundaries. Council must adopt this ordinance four months prior to a city election.

How you can help us with redistricting

Who knows the districts and communities better than you, our residents? 

We offered opportunities for you to give feedback throughout the redistricting process, through public meetings, open houses, online feedback forms and access to an online redistricting mapping tool. 

The community feedback part of the process is now closed.  

Upcoming meetings

Meetings with the RAB are scheduled to take place at both city hall and local to each district.

Watch redistricting meetings online at orlando.gov/watchonline.


Maps for review

Below are maps created by the RAB. Maps are available as PDFs and as downloadable .plan files you can open in our free mapping software.

Subcommittee 1 and 2

Subcommittee 3 and 4

Accepted citizen maps

Citizen maps scheduled to be presented to the redistricting advisory board

Recommended Plan for Redistricting(PDF, 4MB)