Greenwood Cemetery History Harvest

Help preserve local memory. Join Greenwood Cemetery and the UCF History Department for this unique opportunity to share your history, culture, and experience. Be a part of this public history initiative to digitize artifacts and oral histories of Orlando and Greenwood Cemetery’s past.   

The City of Orlando, in partnership with the UCF History Department is looking for artifacts and stories to help tell the story of Orlando and Greenwood Cemetery with the help of its residents through the following topics: 

  • Orlando’s pioneers, founders, or early residents 
  • Jonestown  
  • Sunland Hospital & Orlando’s disability history 
  • Veterans' stories 
  • Anyone buried in Greenwood Cemetery

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Frequently asked questions

What is a History Harvest? 

A History Harvest is a community event that aims to democratize and open American history by using digital technologies to share the experiences and artifacts of everyday people and local historical institutions. The resources gathered at the History Harvest on March 10 will be digitally archived with UCF RICHES (Regional Initiative for Collecting History, Experiences, and Stories of Central Florida).

What is an oral history? 

An oral history is an audio or video based interview conducted by trained UCF graduate students and faculty that will gather and preserve the memories of the local community. 

What kind of artifacts are you looking for? 

We are looking for images, newspaper clippings, letters, documents, home movies, and physical objects that pertain to the history of Greenwood Cemetery and by extension, the City of Orlando. 

Will you keep my items? 

No. We will digitize your items and return them to you. You will also receive a copy as a thank you. We ask that you complete a release form that enables us to use your items for research and educational purposes, but you retain the copyright and will be credited in the item's citation.

What if I really want to donate my items?

The City of Orlando can accept the donation of physical items related to Greenwood Cemetery or the City of Orlando. Our Records and Archives Supervisor will be on hand during the event to receive any donations. 

Where will my items and oral history be stored? 

Digitized artifacts and oral histories will be stored in the UCF RICHES Mosaic Interface, the interactive website and database of Central Florida's History in the Greenwood Cemetery Collection. 

What topics are you interested in? 
  • Orlando’s pioneers, founders, or early residents 
  • Jonestown  
  • Sunland Hospital and Orlando’s disability history 
  • Veterans' stories 
  • The stories of anyone buried in Greenwood Cemetery
  • Personal experiences visiting Greenwood Cemetery

My ancestors didn’t do anything special, why do you care about them? 

We believe that all history is important! Our society is made of diverse perspectives and we want to preserve them all. 

How long will I be expected to stay at the event? 

While the event will run from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m., you can come at a time that is convenient to you! You may pre-arrange a time slot or just drop in! Expect to stay for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of artifacts you bring or how much you plan to share in your oral history.

Where do I park? 

Street parking in downtown Orlando is free on Sundays. Additional parking can be found in the Library Parking Garage (112 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801). For more information, please view the City of Orlando's Parking Information page. Please be aware that the Downtown Orlando Farmers Market is held on Sundays and this may impact parking availability. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please email with any questions.