Request to Use a Private Provider for Your Plan Review or Inspection

Do you want to use a private provider as part of your plan review and inspection process?

Florida law lets owners use private providers for plan review and inspection services. Owners who use private providers will receive fee reductions (see below for details.)

Fee reductions for plan review can only be provided if the Notice to Building Official form is submitted with the permit application. If private provider services are used for inspections only, the Notice to Building Official must be submitted to the city before the first scheduled inspection for the master permit.

Any associated trade permit will be required to submit the private provider trade permit application.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

  • Private providers must be architects, engineers or hold a standard certificate as stated in Part XII of Florida Statutes Chapter 468. They also must use licensed plan reviewers and inspectors.
  • The plans review and inspection services provided by private providers are limited to building code compliance. Services can not include review for fire protection and fire safety codes, site work, public works, land use, zoning, floodplain, environmental, appearance review or other applicable codes.

Step 2.Gather your information

You will need to provide:

  • Completed permit application
  • Private provider name and contact information
  • Florida license, registration or certificate number
  • Qualification statements, a resume and/or a copy of the private provider's license
  • Private provider's proof of insurance

Step 3.Download the Notice to Building Official

We require your project name and parcel tax ID number.

Download the Form

Step 4.Get the form notarized

You will need to notarize your form.

Step 5.Submit the form and permit application

Scan and upload the completed form and permit application. Maximum file size is 20MB.

Upload the Form

Step 6.We'll review your request

Once your application has been received, please allow 48 business hours for processing. We will notify you if you have been approved and can move forward with your project.

Step 7.Schedule your inspection

Each type of permit requires inspections at specific stages throughout the project. If your permit is open for six months without an inspection, it will expire.

When scheduling your inspections, ensure to put "Private Provider" in the Notes section.

Schedule an Inspection 

Step 8.Submit a Certificate of Compliance form

After all inspections are final and approved, you will need to download, complete and get a Certificate of Compliance form notarized.

Download the Form

Upload the Form

Maximum file size is 20MB.

Step 9.Get your Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion

Within 48 business hours, we will send you a copy of your Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion.

Commercial and Residential 3 or more units

For multiple building projects, the discounted fee will be applied per individual permits as it pertains to the square footage.

  • Permits up to 200,000 sq.ft.
  • Plans Review and Building Inspections: 63 percent reduction to the Florida Building Code (FBC) fee
  • Building Inspections Only: 32 percent reduction to the FBC fee
  • Permits over 200,000 sq.ft.
  • Plans Review and Building Inspections: 80 percent reduction to the FBC fee
  • Building Inspections Only: 30 percent reduction to the FBC fee 

Residential 1 or 2 units 

  • Projects of any size
  • Plans Review and Building Inspections: 75 percent
  • Building Inspections Only: 50 percent

The reductions only apply to the FBC fee item. The Land Development Code (LDC) fee, the technology fee, impact fees, concurrency and other related permit fees are not eligible for the private provider fee reduction.