Municipal Planning Board

The Municipal Planning Board (MPB) is an advisory board to City Council composed of nine volunteer members. The MPB holds public hearings to review and report recommendations to the City Council on:

  • Abandonments
  • Annexations
  • Appeals of Planning Official Determinations
  • Certain plats for the subdivision of land
  • Conditional use applications and plans
  • Expansions of non-conforming uses
  • Master plans
  • Planned Developments
  • Public Benefit Uses
  • Rezonings

The recommendations and decisions of the board are subject to the review and approval of the City Council.

In-Person and Virtual Participation

Citizens can register to speak in advance using or when they arrive in person by filling out a speaker request form at Council Chambers.

Citizens can submit written comments at Written comments must be submitted 24 hours before the meeting in order to be considered by the Board. 

For complete participation and viewing instructions, view our Public Meetings page.