Greenwood Cemetery

greenwood cemetery angel statue

Up until the 1880s, the people of Orlando had no permanent burial location, leading to many lost graves and confusion. After a heady newspaper campaign, by publisher Mahlon Gore, eight Orlando residents pulled together to buy 26 acres of land from John W. Anderson. A total of $1,800 was paid by: I.P. Wescott, C.A. Boone, James K. Duke, J.H. Livingston, Nat Poyntz, W.R. Anno, James Delaney and Samuel A. Robinson. The original layout of Greenwood Cemetery was designed by Samuel A. Robinson.

Today, Greenwood Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Orlando. Its operations are directed by the City Clerk, as provided for in City Code, Title II Chapter 16 – Cemeteries and Burials.

Greenwood Cemetery Residents

Some of Greenwood’s better known residents include:

  • T.G. Lee
  • Mayor Bob Carr
  • Mayor Mahlon Gore
  • Cassius Boone
  • Mayor Capt. James Parramore
  • Mayor William Beardall
  • David Lockhart
  • Samuel Robinson
  • Mayor Braxton Beacham
  • Elijah Hand
  • Carey Hand
  • Joe Tinker
  • Joseph Bumby

Exploring Orlando's History with Don Price, former Greenwood Cemetery Sexton

Moonlight Walking Tours are suspended until further notice.

The Moonlight Walking Tours take you on a historical stroll through Greenwood Cemetery. The walk is approximately four (4) miles within the 100-acre cemetery, and it will briefly visit about 100 graves of notable individuals in Orlando’s history.

The cost of the tour is free. However, many times each tour is sponsored by a different charity that will be accepting donations.

Registration for events are typically through Eventbrite, and will typically open two weeks before scheduled tour dates.

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