Clean Water

Scenic greenery around Lake Eola Park.

Water not only supports the lives of people and wildlife, it is a valuable resource that could provide greater opportunity for economic development and recreation. Despite the large areas of freshwater in Central Florida, water availability and lake water quality continue to be a concern as the region experiences severe and prolonged periods of drought as well as episodes of intense rainfall and floods.

Orlando is fortunate to have a clean, accessible source of water from the Floridian Aquifer. However, our current demand for water, coupled with a rapidly growing population, exceeds the rate at which water underground can be naturally replenished.

What we want to accomplish  

Orlando needs to continue water conservation investments and begin searching for new supplies of drinking water so that it will be available to support future economic growth in the City and the region. To achieve this, we use the following goals and targets to guide the preservation of our water resources:  

Metrics  2010 (baseline) 2018 (targets) 2040 (goals)
Water used per capita per day 166 gallons 3% 20%
Meeting good quality water standards (Tropic State Index)  Less than 41% 85% 100%