Solid Waste Division

Teal and black trashcans

Your trash is collected once per week.
Place it on the curb, in the city-provided cart, prior to 6 a.m. on your pick up day.

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Residential Garbage Rules

The dos

  • All household garbage should be bagged and placed in a city-provided cart.
  • Place carts at the curb, make sure carts are at least two feet from obstacles, e.g. mailboxes, utility boxes, trees and shrubs.
  • Place the cart so that it's handle and wheels face your house. 
  • Carts may be placed at the curb between 5 p.m. the night before and 6 a.m. of your pick up day.
  • Paint cans: If cans are opened, cleaned out and any leftover paint is dry, you may place these cans in your cart.

The don'ts

  • Do not overload the cart or place items on top of the cart.
  • Do not leave your cart out overnight after your pick up day. Carts left on the curb the morning after the scheduled pick up may result in a $25 fee.
  • Do not place hazardous waste, such as oil, paint, pesticides or medical waste in the cart. Wet paint and other hazardous material can be taken to specific Orange County Government locations

Other information

Large item safety
You are required to remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers before placing the items on the curb. This is to ensure children do not become trapped inside the appliances.

Large Item Collection
Please put your large item out on your yard waste day. Click here to find your yard waste day. If we missed your large item, you can report it here, by calling Solid Waste at 407.246.2314, or email us at

Stolen garbage cart
1. Fill out the online police report.
2. Write down your case number, and then call 407.246.2314 to request a new one.

Disabled Pick-up Service
The City of Orlando offers assistance with garbage cart pick up to homes where every resident is physically unable to bring the cart to the curb safely. Contact customer service to learn more at or 407.246.2314.

Billing or start/stop garbage collection 
All collection accounts are handled by OUC and listed on customers' monthly utility bill. The standard monthly residential fee for solid waste pick up is $20.85.

Your recycling is collected once per week.
Place it on the curb, in a city-provided cart, prior to 6 a.m. on your pick up day.

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Residential Recycling Rules

The dos

  • Place carts at the curb, make sure carts are at least two feet from obstacles, such as mailboxes, utility boxes or shrubs.
  • Empty your recycling items directly in the cart, do not use bags.

Find Out What Is Recyclable

The don'ts

  • Keep bags out of the cart. Bags and sheets of plastic tangle the recycling equipment.
  • Do not place garbage, yard waste or hazardous waste in the recycling cart.
  • Do not overload the cart or place items on top of the cart.
  • Do not leave your cart out overnight after your pick up day. Carts left on the curb the morning after the scheduled pick up day may result in a $25 fee.

Your yard waste is collected once per week.

Place it on the curb, in bags or bundled, prior to 6 a.m. on your pick up day.

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The Dos

  • Yard waste must be bagged or tied in bundles (each can only weigh up to 40 pounds each)
  • Yard waste includes only grass clippings, leaves, branches and twigs.
  • Large branches can only be four inches in diameter and 40 pounds in weight. Branches must also be bundled and tied
  • A maximum of four cubic yards per week will be collected (approximately 30 bags)
    • Four cubic yards equals a stack four feet high, four feet wide and seven feet long
    • This is equal to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle
      max bundle size is a vw beetle

The Don’ts

  • Yard waste does not include landscape ties, fences or landscape pressure treated wood
  • Bagged yard waste must not exceed 40 pounds each
  • Large branches must not exceed four feet in length
  • Yard waste that exceeds four cubic yards, cannot be bundled or weighs more than 40 pounds is considered a special pick up and may incur an extra charge. Any special pick up will incur a minimum $30 charge. Yard waste that fills a claw truck will incur a $300 charge; half a claw truck will be a $150 charge, etc.
  • Yard waste may not be placed inside the garbage cart. If yard waste is placed in the garbage cart, the cart will not be dumped until the yard waste is removed

Claw truck services

For immediate removal needs and claw truck services, please email for a quote.

Household Hazardous Waste is defined as any product that includes any of the following words on its label: Flammable, Poison, Warning, Corrosive, Explosive, Danger, Pesticide, Caustic or Acid. Latex or oil based paint and items containing mercury, such as fluorescent lights and thermostats are also considered hazardous waste.

Common household hazardous products include:

  • Wet paint: oil and water based, aerosols, stains
  • Pool chemicals: chlorine, acids
  • Petroleum Products: gasoline, oil and diesel fuel
  • Rechargeable batteries: Ni-cad, Lithium
  • Cleaning products: strippers, cleaners and soaps
  • Pesticides: insect killers, rodent killers
  • Herbicides: weed killers, tree stump rotter
  • Fertilizers: liquid and granular
  • Unknown or unlabeled products
  • LP Gas bottles
  • Prescription Drugs Disposal Locations (PDF)

If you have questions about a product, please call the Orange County Solid Waste Hotline at 407.836.6601.

Hazardous Waste Rules

For your safety and the safety of our environment, please follow all product directions and avoid using these products in excessive amounts.

By law, Hazardous Waste cannot be collected curbside.

Hazardous Waste can be disposed of at the following facilities free of charge:

Orange County Landfill (accepts LP Gas Bottles)

5901 Young Pine Road
Orlando, FL 32829

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 407.836.6601 

Porter Road Transfer Station
1326 Good Homes Road
Orlando, FL 32818

Temporary Extended Hours
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Commercial container service for garbage collection is priced based on volume. We provide containers ranging in capacity from two cubic yards up to eight cubic yards and pickups from one to six times per week. 

Roll-off services

Our commercial customers have the opportunity to work with a multitude of private hauling companies.

View List of Approved Private Haulers

Rules and regulations

All commercial establishments shall be charged a minimum fee per month for refuse collection services within the City of Orlando. This fee will be adjusted according to the level of service provided as set by City Council. Exceptions to the minimum refuse charges shall be made only with an approved contract from an authorized roll-off franchise company for roll-off compactor services.

Container Rules

1.  Safe and accessible container locations, as approved by the City, shall be provided by the owner/occupant of the establishments needing container collection. Containers shall be located a minimum of 6 feet from the buildings and/or overhangs to prevent damage during the dumping process and comply with Fire Department regulations and City Code.  When used, container enclosure shall comply with current standards outlined in the City of Orlando Engineering Standards Manual (3.18). Each gate shall be equipped with a positive stop rod to hold the gate open.  

2.  City containers shall not be moved without the express permission of the Solid Waste Management Division.

3.  All raw garbage shall be placed in leak-proof containers before being placed in city containers for collection. Liquid waste is prohibited in city containers. All loose paper or other materials that pose a “fly-away” hazard during the dumping process will be placed in sealed containers (tied bags) prior to being deposited in the city container.

4.  No hazardous, infectious or industrial waste shall be placed in city containers. This includes waste cooking oils/grease, major auto parts and large items that hang outside the perimeter of the container. Tires are prohibited from being placed into the city container and the customer will incur an extra disposal fee of $25 for each tire found in a city container.

5.  Care, cleaning and sanitation of city-owned containers is the responsibility of the establishment(s) using the assigned container(s). Steam cleaning of city containers is available upon request for a fee.

6.  City employees will not be required to collect refuse stacked above the side panels of the container, which would prevent the lids from closing. City employees may remove material stacked above the side panels and set it aside in order to safely dump the container. They will not reload the material removed.

7.  Material stacked in front of or around a container which prevents the container being safely emptied shall constitute a “blocked container” and will not be dumped until the material is relocated by the establishment(s) assigned to the container.  An extra dump charge will be applied to the appropriate establishment assigned to the container. 

8.  Solid Waste Management Division supervisors may authorize a chargeable extra dump for containers found to be overflowing.

9.  Any container that is believed to have not been emptied on the scheduled day must be brought to the attention of the Solid Waste Division within 24 hours of the scheduled dump day or the next regular business day.

10.  To schedule an extra dump for a container please contact the Solid Waste Division. The fees for extra dumps, compacted waste and construction material are established by City Council. To schedule and extra dump, you may call us at 407.246.2314, during regular business hours, (Monday thru Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the exception of city holidays) or you may email your request to

11.  Containers that are inaccessible due to obstructive parking or other reasons beyond the control of the Solid Waste Management Division may require a chargeable extra dump before the next scheduled collection day. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the container(s) are not blocked on the scheduled collection day.


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