Check Sewer Availability

Do you want to connect your property to the City of Orlando sewer system? 

The Water Reclamation Division owns and maintains a sewer collection system in many areas of Orlando and parts of surrounding areas of unincorporated Orange County.

NOTE: For system failures, please proceed to step 4.


Check your eligibility

Check to see if your property lies within the city's sewer service area.

* Please note: This map is for general information only. The City of Orlando does not guarantee its accuracy and will not be responsible for any error or omission. Not all of the city's sewer service area has sewer infrastructure in place to serve all of the properties within the service area.

View the Map

Fill out the form

We will verify sewer availability at your address.

Complete the Form

We will email you

We will review your form and email you within three business days with the next steps.

Complete a sewer connection application

If your property is eligible for sewer connection, you will need to hire a licensed plumber and complete a sewer connection application.

Fill Out the Form

Make a payment

A Permitting Services technician will email you payment instructions for the fees associated with your sewer connection.

Schedule an inspection

You will be responsible for scheduling an inspection. For more information on the process, visit our Permits & Inspections page.