Request CPR Training

Do you want to learn how to save a life with CPR?

The Orlando Fire Department offers two types of CPR training:

  • A free 30-minute class that covers the basics of Hands-Only CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training. This class is suitable for both adults and teenagers.
  • A Heartsaver CPR course that is in compliance with the American Heart Association's guidelines. This course is a $20 donation.


Step 1.Determine what type of training you'd like

Hands-Only CPR class:

  • Free
  • 30 minutes in length
  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • We will come to your location within the City of Orlando.

Heartsaver CPR course:

  • We request a $20 donation
  • Four hours in length
  • Intended for those who need certification
  • Each class is limited to 30 people
  • Available usually once a month at a venue in the City of Orlando
  • We will let you know upcoming dates and locations as they become available

Step 2.Verify your location

For Hands-Only CPR, you must host the training event within the City of Orlando. To check if an address is within city limits, click here.

The Heartsaver CPR course is hosted at a venue within the city. We will give you location details once you are confirmed to attend.

Step 3.Check your eligibility

  • Your request must be submitted at least three weeks in advance.
  • All requests are first-come, first-serve and are based upon availability.

Please note:

  • All requests are first-come, first-serve and are based upon availability
  • Due to the high-volume of requests we receive, it may take up to two (2) weeks to respond to your request

Step 4.Gather your information

We will need to know the number of adults and children expected for training.

For Hands-Only CPR, we will also need:

  • Two dates and times for your training
  • Address of your event

Step 6.We will contact you

If your request is approved, we will contact you to confirm event details and logistics.