Apply for a Sign Permit

Do you need to place a sign on your property?

The Orlando City Code allows for adequate and effective signage while encouraging standards that support pleasant and attractive residential and business neighborhoods.


Step 1.Consult a sign contractor

The city encourages hiring a sign professional to assist you with the permitting process. Sign contractors must be licensed by the state of Florida, have a business tax receipt from the City of Orlando, and carry worker's compensation insurance.

Step 2.Submit a Building Permit application

You must fill out a Building Permit application and email it to

If your sign permit includes electrical, you must also submit an electrical permit application.

Step 3.Gather your materials

You will need:

  • A site plan that includes a description of the property, proposed sign location, location of building(s), building and tenant space dimensions and existing signs shown with locations and dimensions.
  • Sign construction and elevation drawings that include views from the front and side.
  • For wall signs: Show the proposed sign location, entrances to building or tenant space, height to the top of the sign and other signs on the wall where the sign is proposed. Also include fastener details identifying number, size and spacing of fasteners.
  • For ground-mounted monument/pole or pylon signs: Show views from all sides (include height from ground level to the top of the sign). Also include the foundation details for new sign locations.
  • Show advertising surfaces, wording and design elements (not required for changeable copy signs).
  • Sign construction and elevation drawings for signs subject to wind exposure need to be signed and sealed by a State of Florida registered architect or engineer. All signs must meet the minimum wind speed per Chapter 15 of the Florida Building Code.
  • Sign face changes on existing signs do not need to be signed/sealed, but must be clearly marked "face changes only" on the application.
  • Show lighting details and the location of disconnects for electrical signs. To comply with the National Electrical Code Article 600-4,  an authorized testing laboratory must list every electrical sign of any type. The name of the sign manufacturer, the listing and number assigned by the testing laboratory must be provided.
  • A management or owner letter is required for all multi-tenant locations specifying the square footage being allocated for the new sign. The letter must list all of the existing signs of each tenant and the square footage, to ensure that the location is not exceeding total allowable signage for the site.

Step 4.Submit plans

The City of Orlando allows you to submit your plans digitally for review. You will receive an email after we process your Building Permit application. It will provide you a link to ProjectDox and a temporary password.

Submit Plans

Step 5.Check plan status

You can check your permit and plan review status by using our Permit Lookup tool.

Look up Your Permit

Step 6.Make a payment

We will email you payment instructions once we approve your permit application. Fees are calculated based on the estimated cost of your sign project and may vary.

You can view any fees that are due and pay them using our Permit Lookup tool.

Pay Fees

Step 7.Download permit and plans

After fees have been paid and reviews have been approved, we will email you to let you know your plans are available for download. Login to ProjectDox and download your plans from the Approved folder.

Download Plans

Don't forget to print the approved plans and post them at your project site.

Step 8.Schedule an inspection

You can use our Permit Lookup tool to schedule your inspection and ensure that the status is final. 

Schedule an Inspection