Find Rainfall and Lake Level Data

Do you need rainfall and lake level data?

The City of Orlando provides timely information about water level, flow and quality.


View the SensorActive Water Management System

Users can access reports to view lake levels, rainfall and other environmental conditions.

Get the Reports

You do not need to log in.

Choose a report

  • Move your cursor to the Reports tab.
  • There are five selections: Hourly Summary, Daily Summary, Monthly Summary, Annual Summary and Benchmark. Choose the type of report you wish to view by moving your cursor down and selecting the desired report.

Customize the information

  • When the report screen is displayed, you may select which type of data is obtained from the Select Parameter pull-down menu.
  • For site location, use the Select Location pull-down menu to choose a single location or hold down the "Ctrl" key to select multiple locations.
  • Select a date range by clicking on the Calendar button. If you have problems getting data, choose fewer locations and a narrower window of time.
  • When choosing the Daily Report for rainfall or level information, a Filter option can be selected by choosing a more refined search for specific rainfall amounts or elevations.

View the data

  • Click on View Summary Report and the report will open in a separate window. Please note, the data, which is collected to support short-term operational needs, is provisional and may be revised.