Register as a Lobbyist

Do you plan to engage with City Council, board members or staff decision makers to lobby?

The city requires lobbyists to register annually to engage with City Council, board members or staff decision makers in an attempt to influence action or inaction on a matter coming before them, or to appear at City Council and other city board meetings.

In Person

Understand the requirements

Registration is required for all lobbyist activity, whether it takes place inside or outside city offices.

All lobbyists must register at the time of lobbying or no later than the city business day after such lobbying is done.

Understand the prohibitions on lobbying of board members

Lobbying of the members of all City boards by lobbyists is prohibited outside of open, posted public meetings. However, lobbyists may provide written documents and information to the Recording Secretary of any city board for dissemination to all board members in advance of any city board meeting. Lobbying at public meetings is subject to the registration and reporting requirements. The prohibitions and requirements are in addition to the City’s Public Works and Procurements and Contracts Division policies, which prohibit proposers from any communication with Council members, selection committee members and City staff (with the exception of the assigned staff member), regarding the procurement process until a final award is made. 

Fill out the City Clerk's lobbyist registration form

Download, print and fill out the form below:

Lobbyist Registration Form(PDF, 71KB)

Bring the form to City Hall

Bring your lobbyist registration form filled out in person to:

City Hall
Office of the Clerk
400 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

We will file the form submissions at the Office of City Clerk

The Office of City Clerk will hold the form submissions for storage and public inspection.