Robert F. Stuart - District 3

Commissioner, District 3


Robert F. Stuart was elected to the Orlando City Council, representing District 3, in 2006, re-elected in 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022. Having been born and raised in Orlando, he has served the local community in many ways. While he is honored to have earned the opportunity to serve as your District 3 Commissioner, he is also blessed to hold the titles of husband, father and grandfather. These roles play an important part in how Commissioner Stuart brings government and community together.

Commissioner Stuart is a problem solver. He continues to focus on public safety initiatives and lends his real world experience to the pressing issues surrounding homelessness, poverty and affordable housing. As the executive director of a downtown not-for-profit organization that helps the most vulnerable in our community, he is on the front lines helping to find solutions to the most pressing issues facing our city. He also led the city to join the Compassionate Cities movement, bringing government, citizens, businesses and organizations together to embrace and apply compassionate solutions to Orlando’s challenges. Along with Mayor Dyer, he serves on the finance committee, overseeing the city’s investment policy, and serves as the city’s representative on the board of Florida League of Cities.


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