Submit an FDEP Wastewater Permit Application or Clearance Form

Do you need to submit a FDEP Wastewater Permit Application or Clearance Form for the City of Orlando to sign? 

You must submit documentation for all public and private domestic wastewater collection/transmission system construction projects.


Step 1.Submit your forms

Upload Your Forms

Step 2.We will review your information

A Water Reclamation Division Representative will review the application or clearance in conjunction with the associated permit and complete Part III(3) of the FDEP application form.

Note: The FDEP forms will not be processed for city signature until the Water Reclamation Division has reviewed and approved the associated permit.

Step 3.We will contact you

Upon approval of the associated permit, we will email you within 5 business days with the completed FDEP forms for you to submit to the FDEP.  If you wish to submit paper FDEP forms, you will receive an email notice that the FDEP forms are ready for pick up at City Hall.

If you are submitting partial clearance, the form should clearly state what part of the system clearance is requested. The form should be accompanied by a copy of the associated utility plan(s) highlighting the segments of the system requested for clearance.