Stop the Poo-llution

Dogs playing in a field.

Love the Dog. Hate the Poo.

Pick up after your pooch! Un-scooped pet waste is a source of water pollution and is a public health concern. You and your pet can help protect our lakes. Take a bag with you on walks to pick up after your pet. Dispose of the waste properly. It is best: if you’re connected to the city sewer system, flush unbagged poo down the toilet. If on septic, stick to the trash can. It is good: scoop the poo in a repurposed or biodegradable bag and throw it in the trash.

Get the Scoop on Un-scooped Poop:

  • It’s the Law! Orlando City code requires you to pick up after your pet. It’s a nuisance and leads to water pollution, no matter where you live. Violation of Orange County Ordinance Sec. 5-50 includes a fine for un-scooped pet waste.
  • Water Pollution.  Un-scooped poop washes into storm drains, which drain directly to local lakes and water bodies, harming human health, wildlife and the environment. One gram of poop has 23 million microorganisms of bacteria that drain into our lakes. These bacteria and chemicals can even end up in our aquifer, which is where our drinking water comes from!
  • Reduced Oxygen Levels.  Decomposition of pet waste demands a high level of oxygen from water, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen available to plants and animals – resulting in fish kills.
  • Algae Blooms.  Pet waste adds excess nutrients like those found in cow manure to lakes – resulting in algae blooms (a stagnant blanket of green).
  • Baths and Washing – When possible, bathe your pet indoors or visit a professional groomer. Otherwise, wash your pet on the lawn or a permeable surface. Even biodegradable products can cause water pollution. Never let pet products or washwater run off into the street, gutter or storm drain
  • Flea Control – Consider using oral or topical flea control products. Dispose of any unused products, like shampoos, sprays or collars at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. Call 407.836.6600.

To report poo-llution, request educational material, or to request someone to speak at your community/neighborhood meeting on this topic, email