L.E.A.F. - Keep Leaves Off the Street.

Leaf Education and Awareness for the Future

And grass clippings too

storm drain covered by leaves

Leaves that are blown or raked onto the street can cause real harm - to our sewage systems and our lakes.

When leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris are blown onto streets, sidewalks and into storm drains, it eventually will make its way to our lakes. These materials add excess nutrients to the lake and cause water quality issues. Take care of your lakes by taking care of your yard debris.

Keep Leaves Off the Streets

  • Put leaves, grass clippings and small twigs or trimmings in bags. Solid Waste crews cannot pick up a pile of leaves without scattering them into the street.

  • NEVER blow leaves or grass clippings from your yard into streets, sidewalks or storm drains.

  • Street sweeping services are designed to handle natural leaf fall on public streets only. When leaves from the yard are blown into the streets, it disrupts this process.

  • Streets, sidewalks and driveways must be kept clear of all yard waste to prevent this debris from entering a curb inlet or storm drain. Assume that if your yard waste is on a paved surface, it has access to a storm drain!

  • When yard waste makes it through a storm drain and into a lake, it:
    • adds excess nutrients to the water, causing potentially-toxic algae blooms
    • reduces and degrades fish and wildlife habitats
    • decreases water recreation opportunities by degrading water quality

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"Leaf" It, Don’t Blow It!

  • Blow your leaves back onto your lawn or rake them into a plant bed to act as natural fertilizer.

  • Use a mulching blade to return leaf and grass debris to your lawn to provide essential nutrients and reduce the need for fertilizer.

  • Receive a FREE composter from the City of Orlando!  Leaves and yard debris, along with many other items from your household, can be composted. Turn your waste into rich, useful compost.  

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To report any pollution in our streets, storm drains or lakes, please call the Stormwater Hotline: 407.246.2370 or email stormwater@orlando.gov.