Orlando's 2030 Electric Mobility Roadmap

In 2021, the City of Orlando organized an Electric Mobility Task Force, composed of transportation stakeholders from government, utilities, transit authorities, and others, which convened over the course of six months to create this roadmap — a unified vision of how mobility will transform in Orlando by 2030 and beyond. This roadmap provides a snapshot of the status of mobility in greater Orlando today, the long-term transportation plans in place, initiatives underway, and community-perceived barriers to ideal mobility. 

Task Force Vision Statement

“By 2030, we aim to create mobility opportunities that embrace emerging technologies, reduce emissions that harm public health, bolster climate change resilience, and increase access and affordability for our disadvantaged communities.”

The Task Force identified four overarching goals and assigned targets and indicators that will serve to measure progress. These goals are:

  1. Provide equitable and affordable access to e-mobility
  2. Accelerate EV adoption in multiple transportation sectors
  3. Develop a robust charging ecosystem
  4. Advance multimodal e-mobility options

To monitor progress and drive meaningful impact, the Task Force will create progress reports every other year based on the indicators and targets. As the community and the mobility marketplace continue to evolve, the Orlando E-Mobility Roadmap will be updated every five years.

Download the Electric Mobility Roadmap(PDF, 3MB)