A spacious park with views of nature in the City of Orlando.

A city’s livability can be compared to the quality of life for its residents. This includes the natural environment and tree canopy, entertainment and recreational activities, economic prosperity, walkability, culture and equity. Combining these factors is a way to create pedestrian friendly “villages” that are accessible and communicate a unique sense of place.

What We Want to Accomplish

Our strategies for livability focus on creating a series of unique, vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, walkable villages. The inclusion of pedestrian and bicycle trails, shaded sidewalks, smart grids, integrated storm water management or solar orientation for building, and exciting destinations will be focused on the following goals:

Metrics  2010 (Baseline)  2018 (Targets)  2040 (Goals) 
Completed Villages  10 
Emerging Villages  12  10+  10+ 
Tree Canopy Coverage  25%  27%  40%