City offers rewards to commuters taking alternative transportation

Last updated on May 03, 2021

City of Orlando to offer rewards to commuters for taking greener forms of transportation 

May 3, 2021 - ORLANDO, FL – The City of Orlando has partnered with Miles to encourage commuters to ride greener and get rewarded for reducing their reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.  

Miles is a universal rewards platform and app that delivers value for every mile traveled. Users who choose alternative modes of travel or eco-friendly forms of transportation — such as walking, biking, carpooling, bus, or taking SunRail — are rewarded even more. 

Orlando users who download the Miles app will be rewarded for participating in unique City of Orlando commuter challenges that encourage biking, walking, and transit use.  

“As a future-ready city, Orlando is using innovation and technology to encourage greener forms of transportation in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution,” said Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. “This partnership with Miles supports our citywide 2040 transportation and sustainability goals and ensures we are creating a better Orlando for generations to come.” 

Available on iOS and Android, Miles allows anyone with a smartphone to earn miles as they travel. The app is designed to work seamlessly in the background. Miles automatically logs each trip from point A to B and the mode of transportation, while keeping data completely private. To get started, consumers simply download the Miles app. Users can easily view their miles earned per trip and receive personalized rewards that are redeemable either online or at a nearby store. 

Based in Redwood City, CA, the Miles app first soft-launched in July 2018 and has since seen rapid growth. To date, Miles users have earned more than 9 billion miles, redeeming over 5 million rewards, saving over $38 million. More than 200 brands offer exclusive rewards through the platform. 

“We’re excited to partner with the City of Orlando to help promote and award more sustainable forms of travel with incentives and rewards,” said Paresh Jain, Miles Co-Founder. “Together with the City of Orlando, we will help encourage the Orlando community to choose greener forms of transportation by rewarding users with more miles and incentives.” 

Today, residents can join the Miles app to be offered exclusive challenges sponsored by the City of Orlando to earn rewards like an Amazon gift card. 


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