Report a Missed Trash Cart, Recycling Cart or Yard Waste Pick-Up

Was your trash cart, recycling or yard waste not collected?

Let us know if your trash cart, recycling cart, or yard waste from your home was missed so we can pick it up.

Keep in mind:

  • This is for trash carts only, not commercial dumpsters. If your missed pick-up was a dumpster, please call us at 407.246.2314.
  • If you submit this over the weekend, we will receive your report on Monday morning.
  • The location of the missed garbage pick-up must be within city limits. 


Step 1.Leave the garbage at the curb

After you report the missed garbage pick-up online, leave the garbage at the curb. If you don't report the missed garbage pick-up, we will not pick it up until the next scheduled pick-up day in your neighborhood. 

Keep in mind, sometimes our trucks cannot pick up your garbage. This can happen because the garbage carts:

  • Are blocked (e.g. parked car in front of garbage).
  • Are not on the curb by 6 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Are within two feet of obstacles (e.g. mailboxes, utility boxes or shrubs).
  • Are overloaded or have items on the lid of the cart.

Step 2.If possible, take a photo of the missed cart or yard waste

Photos help the city find the issue faster.


If reporting a missed yard waste, please include a picture of the pile. This will help us send the correct truck.

Yard waste on right-of-way

Step 3.Report the missed collection

Report Missed Cart or Yard Waste

Step 4.We will pick up your garbage

The City of Orlando will pick up your garbage within two business days.