Orlando Police Department Business Watch

What is the Orlando Police Department Business Watch? 

  • A crime prevention program that is a collaborative effort between participating local businesses and the Orlando Police Department. 
  • A free program to reduce and prevent crime through enhanced communication and awareness. 

Eligibility for Joining

Any business, nonprofit organization or educational facility within the City of Orlando can qualify for the business watch program 

Strength in Numbers

As a member, you'll not only enjoy the positive effects of doing business in a safer community, you'll also be part of your community's collective voice to address any concerns. The more businesses that join, the more you can achieve.

Benefits of Joining

It is our intention that through education and information sharing, we will reduce crime, recognize and reduce risks and successfully catch and prosecute criminals.

A Business Watch Involves...

  • Employees being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities and people to the police department. 
  • Employees being trained to handle emergencies, become good witnesses, understand and utilize crime prevention techniques. 

Required Training

In order to maintain your status as a Business Watch, you must have an annual training session scheduled with your Crime Prevention Specialist at 407.832.1449.

Topics should include but are not limited to:

  • employee safety
  • workplace violence
  • internal theft
  • theft/shoplifting
  • active shooter
  • fraud
  • robbery
  • burglary
  • counterfeiting
  • building security
  • how to be a good witness and effectively report crimes

Watch Coordinator Duties

  • Maintain an accurate telephone chain card.
  • Schedule the annual training for the watch group.