Water Quality

Woman testing water quality at Orlando Wetlands Park

The Orlando Wetlands Park receives an average of approximately 14 million gallons of reclaimed water per day. (Learn more about water reclamation in east Orlando.) The Park’s primary purpose is to provide advanced treatment for reclaimed water so that it can be safely discharged into the St. Johns River.

Water quality is monitored in a variety of ways, from automatic samplers that collect multiple samples daily, to manual collections of water from all around the park, the St. Johns River and even groundwater on a monthly basis. All these samples are analyzed by the Environmental Laboratory at Iron Bridge Regional Water Reclamation Facility. With laboratory data as well as in-the-field data, Park staff are able to make informed adjustments to the wetlands system in order to provide optimal water treatment.

Orlando Wetlands Park Annual Report

Download the 2022 Compliance and Performance Annual Report(PDF, 9MB)