Southport Vision Plan


Southport Information Update

This Vision Plan document is intended as a community planning tool for the redevelopment of properties at the former Orlando Naval Training Center (NTC) McCoy Annex. Since the closure of the facility in 1993, parcels within the site have been transferred to the City of Orlando in several phases. In 1996 the first 200 acre transfer allowed the City to transform the former Navy family housing into Villages of Southport, a successful residential neighborhood. The second transfer consisted of some 70+/- acres of US Department of Interior Conveyance land, of which 52 acres became the Southport Community Park completed in Summer 2002. Lastly, the City has received about 235+/- acres since 1999 under an Economic Development Conveyance (EDC). These EDC properties are now being offered by the City for redevelopment, in order to build on the success of the City’s previous efforts and complete the Southport community as one of Orlando’s great neighborhoods.

The vision for Southport is as a livable community: an outstanding place to live, work, play, learn and shop. This includes basic traditional design language of mixed housing, walkable streets, daily needs shopping, recreation and nearby employment, all within a pattern of connection and inclusion. The vision is for a new community that complements existing Villages of Southport, utilizes natural and man-made open space opportunities, and connects to adjacent residential neighborhoods and employment centers. It is a vision of a healthy neighborhood with outstanding physical design, economic success and integrated social fabric.

This Vision Plan represents the input and desires of the public, including the Villages of Southport Homeowners Association as well as City of Orlando planning staff. Additional ideas were offered by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Orange County Government and Orange County Public Schools. The Vision Plan also includes the professional input of a design team with expertise in urban design, market research, civil engineering, environmental science, and review from the development community.

The purpose of the Vision Plan is to provide a guide for the development of the site. This includes an outline of site issues, and a summary of important goals and objectives for the new neighborhood. The resulting plan should be viewed as one acceptable alternative for the execution of those goals. There may be any number of other acceptable design/development solutions for various areas of the site. This document is intended to inspire the creation of even more refined designs based on additional due diligence and program development.

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