Seniors vs Crime

What is it?

In 2010, Commissioner Tony Ortiz opened the first Seniors vs. Crime office in Orange County. Volunteers referred to as Senior Sleuths work in these offices and there are more than 3,000 of them providing important assistance to crime fighting efforts. Unethical businesses and individuals may believe that their senior target is helpless when, in fact, these citizens may be working as eyes and ears for the Attorney General. Senior Sleuths volunteers actively assist in consumer protection investigations and have been responsible for recovering more than $8 million for seniors who were the victims of con artists.

What do they do? 

No-Charge (Free) Assistance with Civil Cases.  The Seniors Vs Crime Project Senior Sleuths assist people involved in civil disputes with contractors and other businesses or individuals who may have defrauded or otherwise taken advantage of them financially. There is no charge or fee for the services of the Project's Senior Sleuths. Assistance is provided through information collected by Senior Sleuths working at one of the local Seniors Vs Crime Project Offices throughout the state.