Council Highlights - September 16, 2019

Last updated on September 16, 2019

COUNCIL UPDATE 9.16.19     

Hurricane Relief –

We were so fortunate to have avoided a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian and we have all seen that the storm left parts of the Bahamas in complete devastation. The Government of the Bahamas has expressed its appreciation for the outpouring of concern and offers of support that our community has shown their country. Government officials have informed us that the best way for Orlando residents to support the ongoing relief and recovery effort is through monetary donations by visiting

2019 POW-MIA Recognition Ceremony-

This Friday we hope you will be able to join us here at City Hall at 11 a.m. for our annual POW-MIA Recognition Ceremony. Hosted by our Veterans Advisory Council, the ceremony honors United States military prisoners of war and those still missing in action and is a reminder of our commitment to bring prisoners of war home to their families and a vow to never forget those missing in action.

State of Downtown-

We hope everyone can join us on Wednesday, October 2 at Seaside Plaza for the annual State of Downtown Address where we will have the opportunity to share with you the latest on the continued revitalization of downtown Orlando. Anyone interested in attending can purchase ticket to the event at

Items of Note

Mayor 4- Agreement for BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center 

On today’s agenda is a new partnership with the Central Florida Urban League to establish the BLUEPRINT Clearinghouse and Enrollment Center. Based on the success of the BLUEPRINT program that we launched in connection with the Community Venues construction, this new initiative will connect residents to more than 100 vocational training opportunities in our region.

We'd like to acknowledge Commissioner Hill for her leadership in expanding upon our original goals of the BLUEPRINT and making this new initiative a reality, bringing additional opportunities to our residents. This doesn’t just connect residents to a job opportunity, but to the education and training to prepare them for a long-term career and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

B12- Award to Heart of United Way to Manage and Operate OUAC

As you know, following the Pulse tragedy, our community came together to create the Orlando United Assistance Center.

Since it’s establishment, Heart of Florida United Way has managed and operated the OUAC with the support of federal grant dollars.

While this federal grant period ends September 30th, on today’s agenda is an item that will provide additional funding to Heart of Florida United Way to continue management of the OUAC.

We are grateful for partnerships like that of the Heart of Florida United Way that continue to help us meet the needs of our community – including the needs of all of our survivors, victims’, families, first responders and those impacted by the Pulse tragedy.

B20 - Playground Equipment and Callahan Neighborhood Center- TARA

Another item on today’s agenda will allow our Parks Department to purchase and install new playground equipment for the Dr. J.B. Callahan Neighborhood Center.

The children of Parramore will be getting an upgraded playground at the Callahan Center with a new net climber system, extra large spinning disk, a small rope play house with a slide as well as some other fun new equipment in the coming year.

CRA 8 - Homeless Outreach Funding Agreement

As we know, homelessness is one of the most complex issues facing our city and communities across the country. The City of Orlando recognizes the value of working with our partners to make our city more livable for everyone. On today’s agenda, we are renewing an agreement with the Healthcare Center for the Homeless and the Homeless Services Network to retain the services of the two homeless outreach specialists currently serving our Downtown.  The homeless outreach specialists are out on the streets working with our homeless neighbors to connect them to the services they need.