Council Highlights – August 23, 2021

Last updated on August 25, 2021

Council Update - August 23, 2021 

General Items 

Housekeeping Items – RoseArts Items 

A few housekeeping items, as you know on today’s agenda we have several items related to the proposed RoseArts District development, including a legislative appeal. 

When those items start, if there are members of the public who want to speak and who have not yet signed up, they will have 30 minutes at that time to sign up for public comment.   

There will not be an opportunity for speakers to yield time to another speaker.   

City code gives each speaker as part of public comment 3 minutes.  

Commissioner Birthdays 

We wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to both Commissioner Hill and Commissioner Ortiz. We hope you both each enjoyed your day. 

  • Sunday, August 15 – Commissioner Hill’s Birthday 

  • Wednesday, August 18 – Commissioner Ortiz’s Birthday 


As you know our work continues to help slow the spread and help our community end this pandemic. As the numbers show, this work is not done yet.  

To the many residents who’ve gotten the vaccine, we want to thank you and encourage you to share with those in your life who haven’t been vaccinated that they can and should protect themselves from the impacts of the virus by getting their shot now.  

The vaccine is our best protection against serious illness and death from the virus.  

If you haven't gotten the vaccine yet, now is the time to get it to protect yourself and others in our community and help our community move forward. 

As a reminder, anyone who is vaccinated at the following sites will be entered to win event tickets at local venues: 

  • Tuesday, August 24 - Camping World Stadium,  

  • Thursday, August 26 – Orlando City Hall 

For more information, please visit

Items of Note 
EDV #23 –  Checkr, Inc STRIVE Incentive Agreement  

Moving over to the agenda, there is one item we’d like to highlight, today we'll vote on approving a STRIVE incentive agreement with Checkr, Inc., a leading developer of innovative background checking tools and solutions that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to make background checks faster, easier, and more compliant. This in turn makes hiring better, fairer, and more efficient. 

The company currently is looking to expand its presence in the technology industry and is proposing to open a third headquarter operation in the City of Orlando, which would be a state-of-the-art technology support center. 

Bringing Checkr, Inc. here to Orlando would create 630 new jobs by 2024, paying a median annual wage of $55,000, which is 100% more than the National Median Wage. The median value of benefits that will be available to new employees is $12,000-$15,000, which includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, educational grants, and transportation reimbursements.