City Council Highlights – January 23, 2023

Last updated on January 23, 2023

City Council Update 1.23.23 


Monterey Park Condolences 

Right now, our city is sending its love to Monterey Park, California. What should have been a weekend of celebration around the Lunar New Year for the Asian American community was instead filled with shock and grief. This was another horrific, yet all too familiar tragedy in our country. Please join us in a moment of silence to honor and remember the ten victims. 

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023 

This Friday marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s so important for us to remember the millions who were killed during this horrific time; and also use the history and lessons of the Holocaust to help build a world free of prejudice and hatred.  

Sadly, there has been an increase of displays of antisemitism nationally, including in our city. We want to again want state that antisemitism and all forms of hate are not welcome in our community, and should always be condemned. 

And just last week, businesses on South Street, which are beloved by members of the LGBTQ plus community, were vandalized. But we want to state that this is not tolerated in our city and it must only strengthen our resolve to build a more inclusive, welcoming community for all. 


Ordinance #1 Nightclub Moratorium and Ordinance #4 Alcohol Sales -  

Commissioners, as you know at Agenda Review today, we moved Ordinance #3, first, which is Ordinance No. 2023-5, and then we will move to Ordinance #1, which is the Nightclub Moratorium Ordinance, No. 2022-78 and Ordinance #4, which is the Alcohol Sales Ordinance, No. 2023-8.   

Since the Nightclub Moratorium Ordinance and the Alcohol Sales Ordinance are closely related, at that time, our DDB/CRA and OPD staff will provide a presentation and public comment will occur for both ordinances at the same time. Anyone wishing to speak on either ordinance or both will have three minutes total. 

Business and Financial Services - B #2 - Coalition for the Homeless Purchase 

On today’s agenda is an item that will help the Coalition for the Homeless move forward with plans to modernize their Women and Children’s campus with a new building which will also include affordable housing and provide for daytime services for our homeless women and families. 

As previously discussed, at a future meeting, we will also consider providing funding through our Accelerate Orlando program to support these efforts and further our commitment to help our most vulnerable. 

Commissioner Bakari Burns Birthday 

We would be remiss if we didn’t wish Commissioner Burns a Happy Birthday which is coming up on Monday, January 30. In traditional fashion, let’s all sing happy birthday.