Veterans Advisory Council Five Year Vision Plan

1. Overview

Mayor's Veterans Advisory Council 

2017 - 2022 | 5 Year Vision

2. Recap of 2012 Strategic Vision


To give active and meaningful support to our city's veterans.


To become the leading resource to the City of Orlando's veteran community, to recognize our veterans' services by honoring them through high quality events, to become the city's leading advocate for our veterans and to become the leading resource for veteran-related issues within the City of Orlando. 

Executive Committee

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Protocol Officer
  • Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Council Members
  • Associate Council Members


  • Monthly council meetings
  • Periodic Executive Committee meetings
  • Monthly Executive Committee meetings


  • Create a city webpage on
  • Attend and represent the Mayor and the city at different veteran-related functions and events
  • Serve as a resource of veteran related benefits, resources and events
  • Provide semi-annual updates to the mayor, highlighting veteran activities, programs and services
  • Serve as the primary resource for city residents who are veterans and all community veteran service organizations
  • Promote the city's efforts for the veteran community to other veteran service organizations
  • Partner with the Mayor's office on veteran related issues and assist with advocacy and outreach needs
  • Collaborate with the Office of Communications and Neighborhood Relations to develop yearly event and outreach plan

3. 2017-2022 | 5 Year Vision
What does the Mayor's Veterans Advisory Council look like in five years?

  • Executive committee positions
  • Member commitment and accountability - each member should have membership on a committee
  • Committee structure
  • Establish policies, procedures and bylaws (elections and terms)
  • Set up 501(c)(3)

4. Committee Structure

  • Events
    Veterans's Day Parade, POW/MIA, Memorial Day, other
  • Government Affairs
    Track legislation; Weigh in on veteran-related legislative issues
  • Advocacy
    Advocate on behalf of veteran community; Due diligence on newly introduced veteran service organizations
  • Education
    Nurture veterans across generations
  • Membership
    Recruit and retain members; Nominate leadership positions
  • Finance
    Establish monetary policy and procedures

5. Executive Committee - Organization and Structure

Two-year terms:

  • Chair (appointed by the mayor)
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
    • Assistant Treasurer
  • Secretary
    • Assistant Secretary
  • Chaplain
  • Protocol Officer
  • Council Members
  • Associate Council Members


  • Monthly Council meetings
  • Quarterly Executive Committee meetings
  • Regularly scheduled committee meetings

6. Long Range Key Initiatives

  • Leadership structure and transition plan
  • Orange County Veterans Advisory Council synergy
  • Technology - app/resources
  • Further incorporate OPD/OFD veterans
  • Recruit business leaders - set up potential Mayor's Task Force
  • Legacy monument
  • Multi generational approach
  • Focus on legacy to new general of veterans
  • Revenue generation
  • Mandatory committee involvement
  • Become the nation's leader as a veteran friendly community