Permanent Artwork Collection


The city’s permanent collection contains more than 900 pieces including paintings, sculptures, photographs, tapestries and mixed media which are displayed in City Hall, public buildings and parks and neighborhood centers throughout the city.


The City of Orlando Permanent Collection is the largest public art collection in the state. The main focus of the collection is artwork from local artists. Purchases for the Permanent Collection must meet artwork selection criteria and be of the highest quality. Aside from the expert judgment of the Public Art Coordinator and the Public Art Board, the City Council and the Mayor must approve all artworks included into the Permanent Collection. Artwork for the City of Orlando Permanent Collection may be acquired in three different ways. It may be a purchase, a gift or a donation.


Purchases may be acquired as a result of an art in public space initiative derived from city construction and public works projects. Artwork may be purchased for specific community centers, public buildings, plazas and parks. The City of Orlando also purchases work to be placed into the public art program permanent collection displayed in City Hall and dispersed throughout the city. Once the contracts have been signed by the artists and/or fabricator, in agreement with the City of Orlando, and the work has been paid for, the work is given an asset number and put into the City of Orlando Public Art Permanent Collection. Purchases are generally acquired by direct purchase but there are a number of other ways to be included in the Public Art Permanent Collection such as open and limited competitions and invitations.

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Artwork is often gifted to a Public Art Collections by local, national and international artists or friends and families of artists who have impacted the community.


The donation of artwork is a valuable way to give back to the community. Many of the pieces in the City of Orlando Permanent Collection are donations from outstanding citizens or an organization wanting to share with the community the personal enjoyment a work of art has given them. Artists may also donate artwork to the Permanent Collection to show their appreciation for art in Orlando.