Wetlands Management

Man driving an air boat

At the Orlando Wetlands, the team works hard to maintain optimal conditions for the treatment of reclaimed water. They proactively care for animals and plants. They also ensure that everything in nature works together. Land management work involves taking out invasive plants using tools and special means. It also involves planting for increased biodiversity, and occasional construction and renovation projects.

The Orlando Wetlands focuses on keeping and adding more types of plants and animals. More kinds of plants and animals help the wetlands have a self-sustaining system because of the biodiversity. This minimizes the need for direct human intervention to keep it healthy.

You may often see staff members driving vehicles. They operate construction equipment, airboats, and walk in wetland waters. These are all normal activities to be proactive in keeping the facility in great shape.

The nutrient-rich reclaimed water flows throughout the Orlando Wetlands. This leads to plenty of plant growth. The decay of the plant growth results in mud or muck. Overtime, increasing amounts of muck slows the wetlands treatment process. This requires a more intensive approach to wetlands management. Learn more about how the Wetlands solves this problem by visiting the Wetlands Renovation page.